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What is your favourite episode of the New Adventures of He-Man?

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  • NA What is your favourite episode of the New Adventures of He-Man?

    What is your favourite episode from the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon series?

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    Sword and Staff is one of my favourite He-Man stories, period. But there are quite a few gems in there.
    I would still buy the infamous Stick-Man in all other lines but Classics


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      Once Upon a Time. I cry every time. "Goodbye, forever.." Honorable mention goes to Sword and Staff, The Running of the Herd, Bride of Slushhead and Four Ways to Sundown.
      By the Power of Eternia! I want a Club Primus!


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        It's been a while but I remember liking "Sword and Staff". Also the multi-part episode series where it looks like Skeletor and the mutants have won and conquered Primus and He-Man and the scientists have to retreat into the wilderness to plan a counter attack. I liked those quite a bit.


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          Chris here...

          I will second ph6's comments about "Sword & Staff", not just one of the best New Adventures episodes but IMO one of the best MOTU stories ever told, flat out full stop!

          I love the NA cartoon series - I've always felt that its underrated by fans due to being so radically different from the Filmation show. But, there are some absolutely excellent stories in there!

          Take care...


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            "Sword and Staff" is, IMO, very much a rough-edged gem. The concept and potential are very good, but there are some bits of dialogue that just fall flat for me--mostly the musings about the crystal. If they'd done more to sell it as Pure Evil, and made He-Man's reflections on its destruction a little less pretentious (it feels like they were shooting for profound but fell short), I'd agree that it's a classic. As it is, it's almost there but not quite. Then again, it's been years since I last watched it, and the NA episodes aren't etched into my memory like so many of the Filmation ones.

            "The Nemesis Within" was a personal favorite, but I've always been a Faker fan. All right, technically He-Slave wasn't Faker, but he's as close as we ever got--closer than "The Shaping Staff"!


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              A closing circle..pre-Filmation Skeletor tampered with cloning too. And the 'By the power of Skeletor' was an insta-classic.

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