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Queen Marlena: No references to Earth

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  • 200X Queen Marlena: No references to Earth

    One of the most notable missing elements of the 2002 He-Man cartoon series was Queen Marlena's connection to Earth. Marlena Glenn coming from the planet Earth was a story element that every MOTU series (except for the MYP cartoon) had told. How did you as fans feel about the MYP cartoon not using the whole "Marlena from Earth" storyline?
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    Little known fact, in the Series Bible by Halperin for 2001 "New Masters of the Universe", Marlena was from Earth.

    MYP chose not to use that element.


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      Is it that MYP chose not to use it or was it rather that they had not used it yet? Could it possibly have shown up in a latter story arc? I hadn't really even noticed that it wasn't there or figured it would have been incorporated at a later time.


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        That is a really good question. I like to think that they could have possibly used that storyline element down the road. From what we have heard so far, they wanted to keep the series from becoming a "He-Man in Space" show by keeping the stories centralized to Eternia. We did see characters from other worlds on the show from time to time, so it is possible that they could have had Marlena be revealed to be from Earth in a later season, had the series continued. Would be nice to know if the writers did have an Earth story arc planned for her.

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      Based on all the interviews I've done with the creators/producers of the show. No.
      The ideas they had floating around would not have Marlena come from Earth. Other world travel didn't exist. It was "Masters of Eternia"
      Sure there was other dimension like Despondos but that was rather hazy on how it worked.
      They had other plans for Marlena.

      But because they were just ideas, we don't fully know how it would have ended up on screen.
      Kinda like the fact that Randor and Keldor are brothers. The creators and voice-actors knew. It was made clear to them. But in the
      actual show they never officially say it. There are hints.

      You can check out my blog:
      The Essential MYP He-Man
      for more information.


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        Originally posted by Jukka View Post
        Little known fact, in the Series Bible by Halperin for 2001 "New Masters of the Universe", Marlena was from Earth.

        MYP chose not to use that element.
        Personally, I don't mind losing that element--it grounds the series too much in our reality for my tastes. Since Marlena's been acclimatized to Eternia for 20+ years by the time the series starts, we don't get the 'character discovering this new world along with the viewer' element that it could bring in, and hardly any other possibilities seem to have been used. In the pre-200X history of MotU, I think it was relevant to the plot four times--"The Rainbow Warrior", "Visitors from Earth", the Christmas Special, and the storybook "New Champions of Eternia". (In "Teela's Quest", it was just a backstory bit that had almost nothing to do with the rest of the series.)

        I admit, I'm not thrilled with the "Marlena as secret half-Gar assassin" element they toyed with for 200X, either.

        Now to the important business, Jukka: Who do I have to banish to Despondos for a copy of that bible?


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