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Music from Eternia - Trollan Magic

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  • MOTU Music from Eternia - Trollan Magic

    James Eatock (aka: Busta Toons) has uploaded his latest video! He-Man World member Dusan M. has painstakingly recreated the original musical scores composed by Shuki Levy for Filmation's He-Man series. Check out the latest instrumental track (" Trollan Magic") at the OFFICIAL He-Man and the Masters of the Universe YouTube Channel!

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    I'm big fan of soundtracks especially the ones from the 80's (Star Wars, Conan, the Dark Crystal and a million others), however this particular one was just way too goofy, it's fit the character alright, but sometimes it ruins the adventurous mood you had as a kid when watching these cartoons, that's just my silly opinion!


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      How can a theme intended for comical scenes be too goofy? :I
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        Originally posted by D.M. View Post
        How can a theme intended for comical scenes be too goofy? :I
        Of course it can, especially if you use the wrong instruments or how the music was composed...

        Imagine you're watching Conan the Barbarian with an epic symphonic soundtrack behind it, and then you see a humorous flick in the middle of it and the composer chooses a Reggae music for it, wouldn't that throw you away from the mood of the film?!


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          Loving the music. Nicely done
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