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The Blackstar Connection!

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  • MOTU The Blackstar Connection!

    James Eatock (aka: Busta Toons) has uploaded a very cool video about He-Man’s connection to Blackstar at the OFFICIAL He-Man and the Masters of the Universe YouTube channel!

    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man

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    NEAT!! I loved Blackstar back in the day! I should track down a DVD of the old episodes if said DVD exists.


    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      The entire series is on DVD. Amazon has it for like $70-$80 new and $40-$50 used. I wish I would have picked it up back when it was way cheaper.

      Your best luck is eBay. There's one right now for $25 shipped.

    • Robarr The Morbid
      Robarr The Morbid commented
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      Shweeeeeeet! Loved the cartoon, always wanted the figures, but never got around to them.

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    I remember getting a handful of Blackstar figures back in the day. I got a few that game with a non articulated green gargoyle type dude. My favorite was the elf looking guy with the blue skin... and came with translucent limbs and a clip on wolf head and chest. He had a dial on the back that made sparks. Definitly one of the cooler toys of my youth.


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