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La-La Land releasing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe sountrack!

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  • MOTU La-La Land releasing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe sountrack!

    A message from La-La Land Records official Facebook page:

    La-La Land is bringing THE POWER to WonderCon in Anaheim, CA! We proudly present the debut of our 2-CD SET of the HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE SOUNDTRACK! We will have this exciting release for sale at our WonderCon booth (#1724) at the big show (April 3-5). It will be released on our website April 7th. Retail Price is $24.98.

    HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is the most deluxe presentation of original score from the beloved animated television series to date, featuring OVER 90 MINUTES OF PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MUSIC. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and John Takis, and mastered by Stephen Marsh and Fernando Lee, this 2-CD release features the remastered stereo foreign LP presentation, along with over 90 minutes of previously unreleased music meticulously restored from original mono tape elements. The exciting art design by Dan Goldwasser includes a 20 Page CD Booklet packed with art and exclusive in-depth liners by John Takis. This is a limited edition of 3000 Units.

    So grab your piece of Eternia at our WonderCon booth before it is officially released on April 7th. We’ll also have some great deals at the con and look forward to meeting and greeting y’all!
    Click image for larger version

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    Interesting. I would not mind hearing some examples, or at least some teases from this.
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    Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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      Any clue yet on tracks names?


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        happy days they did amazing work on the batman animated series collection this should be great


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            Not for me, thanks...


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              Looking forward to this soundtrack. I have so many memories from childhood with these songs stuck in my head.


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                I just might get this! I already have "IIIIIIII HAAAAAVE THE POWERRRRRR!!!" as my ringtone.


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                  UPDATE: CD Track list:

                  TRACK LISITNG:
                  111 Tracks Total on 2 Discs!

                  DISC 1
                  1. He-Man (Main Theme) 1:13
                  2. Teela’s Theme* 1:27
                  3. Orko’s Theme* 1:52
                  4. Sweet Dreams* 1:54
                  5. Facing the Castle* 1:28
                  6. Royal Family* 1:44
                  7. Run, Orko, Run* 0:59
                  8. The Castle* 2:05
                  9. Meditation* 1:47
                  10. Orko’s Time Machine* 1:36
                  11. Magic Planet* 2:54
                  12. He-Man at Home 1:41
                  13. Orko Means Well 1:23
                  14. He-Man Trapped 1:36
                  15. Prince Adam and Teela 1:35
                  16. Strangers in the Castle 1:36
                  17. Evil-Lyn 1:57
                  18. Battle in the Sky 1:04
                  19. Queen of the Planet Phantos 1:57
                  20. Evil-Lyn Chase 1:21
                  21. The Sorceress 1:49
                  22. Brave Teela 1:32
                  23. Trouble in Grayskull 1:10
                  24. Snake Mountain 1:10
                  25. Skeletor Chase 1:09
                  26. Darkness Falls 0:26
                  27. Attack Truck 1:39
                  28. Dragon Invasion 1:53
                  29. Dragon’s Eggs 1:16
                  30. Stone Statue 1:54
                  31. Skeletor’s Spaceship 1:11
                  32. Farewell 0:19
                  33. Beast Man and Skulls 1:21
                  34. Magical Orko 0:44
                  35. Greatest Show on Eternia 0:09
                  36. Circus Parade 1:03
                  37. Beast Man 0:36
                  38. Desolation 1:34
                  39. See You Again 0:16
                  40. Attack Truck Fight 0:47
                  41. Memories 0:35
                  42. Violent Attack (He-Man) 2:04
                  43. Memory Loss 1:05
                  44. Goodbye (Teela) 0:14
                  45. Meteor Attack 1:46
                  46. Journey Back in Time 1:51
                  47. Book-Man 0:43
                  48. Tar Swamp 1:14
                  49. Changes 0:43
                  50. Bad Attack 1:12
                  51. Flash Chase 0:55
                  52. Goodbye (Orko) 0:10
                  53. Save the Day 1:23
                  DISC TIME: 69:26

                  DISC 2
                  1. He-Man (Main Theme – full version) 2:41
                  2. Story Title (Heroic) 0:09
                  3. Story Title (Mysterious) 0:09
                  4. From Bad to Worse 0:39
                  5. Adam and Orko 1:35
                  6. Magical Dragon 0:32
                  7. The Game Machine 1:08
                  8. Electronic Game 1:07
                  9. Villain Plays the Game 0:55
                  10. Swordfight 0:43
                  11. Octopus Windbag 0:33
                  12. Video Game Sting 0:11
                  13. Video Battle 1:58
                  14. Aliens Attack 3:07
                  15. Suspenseful Act-Out 0:15
                  16. Good Vibes (He-Man) 0:26
                  17. Fanfare 0:13
                  18. Story Title (Main Theme) 0:11
                  19. Opening A (Main Theme) 0:10
                  20. Opening B 0:10
                  21. Catch the Lightning 2:04
                  22. Happy Times 0:53
                  23. The Unknown Planet 0:16
                  24. Journey to the Unknown Planet 2:16
                  25. He-Man in Space 1:57
                  26. Good Guys 2:30
                  27. Lute Piece 0:15
                  28. Singing Crystal (Remix) 1:22
                  29. The Pyramid 1:33
                  30. He-Man in the Country 1:14
                  31. Marching Guy 0:41
                  32. Look for Orko 0:38
                  33. Joining Forces 1:22
                  34. Quiet Interlude 1:03
                  35. A Surprise 0:08
                  36. Danger’s Coming 0:20
                  37. Bad Guys Attack 1:02
                  38. A Near Miss 0:07
                  39. End Sting 0:11
                  40. Suspense Sting 0:07
                  41. Getting Close 0:27
                  42. The Fight 1:10
                  43. The Munchkins 0:26
                  44. Teela Saves the Day 1:22
                  BONUS TRACKS
                  45. He-Man (Main Theme – no vocal) 2:04
                  46. Book-Man (alternate ending) 0:35
                  47. Bad Attack (alternate ending) 1:04
                  48. Flash Chase (alternate ending) 1:02
                  49. Dragon’s Eggs (alternate ending) 1:21
                  50. Circus Parade (alternate ending) 1:11
                  51. Beast Man and Skulls (alternate ending) 1:29
                  52. Meditation (mono) 1:52
                  53. Teela’s Theme (mono) 1:29
                  54. Run, Orko, Run (mono) 1:00
                  55. Facing the Castle (mono) 1:29
                  56. Royal Family (mono) 1:45
                  57. Orko’s Time Machine (mono) 1:42
                  58. He-Man (Main Theme – Spanish vocal)* 2:04
                  vocal by Memo Aguirre
                  DISC TIME: 60:56
                  *stereo track
                  "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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                    Hoo, boy! Now to figure out which is which!
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                      Apparently it won't have every single theme:
                      To tyuan: I believe the XIII Bis Records CD is based on French album sources (though they added the Spanish theme song), while LLL has done a brand-new transfer and remaster of the Spanish-language album exclusively. (The underscore tracks are identical; only the theme songs and story-plux-FX tracks differ.) Our versions of the extended vocal theme (disc 2, track 1) and theme without vocals (disc 2, track 45) are pristine mono mixes taken from the surviving session tapes, and have considerably more dynamic range than anything you've heard to date!

                      To Neseri: The cue the YouTube channel has designated as "Skeletor's Theme" is slated as "Evil-Lyn" on the original tapes, and can be found on disc 1, track 17 of our set. Evil-Lyn would no doubt find this state of affairs hilarious ... Skeletor, probably less so. In general, I expect the track titles will be the subject of much discussion in the He-Man fan community, as library cues were not always used in ways that reflect their original naming. Any thwarted expectations will hopefully be balanced out by happy surprises!

                      Sadly, Cringer's theme was not present on the tapes we were able to locate. I hope that fans are able to accept small disappointments such as this one, and focus on the more than 90 minutes of spectacular cues (plus extras) that are on offer for the first time!

                      But like he said, there's still over 90 minutes of music!
                      “A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill." ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                        I will definitely be picking this up. Perhaps some of the tracks missing from this set can be found among the tracks James & Dušan have posted to Youtube and vice versa. I think they'll complement each other nicely.


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                          I got via James episode audio without voices. From those I'd take every clean bit of music (no sound effects present), sort the pieces per theme and then once that's done - I assemble theme by theme and during assembling phase it becomes apparent if a piece is missing.

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                          Well I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say thank you for all the hard work you and James have put into this. You guys have done an amazing job.

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                          Thanks, man.

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                        It's heeeere!

                        About the demo's:

                        "Orko's theme" - Kinda fuzzy sounding. Hopefully it's just the preview that's like that.

                        "Queen of planet Phantos" - "The Grand Empire" on the official He-Man channel.

                        "Stone statue" - "A mighty army" on the channel.

                        "Violent attack" - "War on Eternia"

                        "Adam and Orko" - Me and James were under impression that this was a She-Ra style recording of Orko's theme. Used only twice, never from start to finish.

                        "He-Man in space" - Unused and quite an odd theme!

                        "Quiet interlude" - Kinda thought this may have originated from She-Ra. Played only once.

                        "Orko's time machine" (mono) - Uncut version at last!

                        "Alien attack" - Another unused theme!
                        “A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill." ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                          its seem's to have a problem with the cd's .I saw this on facebook this morning. Lalaland didn't say anything about it yet but Im pretty sure they will post a message on their page.


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                            Saw that at the org. Weird.
                            (BTW, in case someone's been wondering why "Snake mountain" and some other themes sound different - well you'll get an answer in the upcoming review on the official channel. )
                            “A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill." ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                              For anyone who doesn't know, some people have received CD-Rs instead of pressed CDs. Here is La La Land's statement from the FSM forum, and instructions for those people who received CD-Rs:

                              "A manufacturing error has resulted in some customers receiving CD-Rs in their HE-MAN soundtrack sets instead of pressed CDs. These can be identified by the color of the back of the CDs being greenish/blue as opposed to silver. If anyone has received these, and would like to get pressed CDs instead, contact us at [email protected] with your order number and mailing address and we'll send you a replacement set. Note: Any HE-MAN soundtracks ordered now from our La-La Land website are the correct, pressed CDs.

                              Once again, that email address is [email protected].

                              Please title your email FAULTY HE MAN DISCS

                              We apologize for the inconvenience."


                              "Long story short, Christmas Eve we get a call from our manufacturing plant saying that they are closing their doors and we need to get our stuff out asap.

                              We got most of the paper out (still a lot is missing) but we had to scramble to find a new manufacturer asap...and it being the holidays it was a pain in the butt. We settled on one that we have been using on all of our new product this year. We had several hiccups with them over the past few months, but this CDR BLEEP they tried to pull on us was the last straw. In our 13 year history we have never had anything like this happen before. When we got the first batch everything was fine, but we knew this was gonna be a big title by the online response so we ordered up more cds just in case we needed them quickly. When batch 2 came in there was no need to QC because we already checked the first batch and thy were perfect.

                              Suffice it to say we going with another company from here on out. I hope it work out well with them.

                              We are very embarrassed by this whole situation, but luckily it was only on the 600 they "pressed up" for the second batch."


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                                Three weeks ago, there were 500 copies left of this CD set. I imagine there are less than 500 now! If you don't have this, do not delay.

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                                  Apparently there are 200 copies left at La La Land Records from the 3000 unit run. I've noticed some more cartoon soundtracks are getting releases as well. A 2-CD set of ALL the Ulysses music, an hour of Inspector Gadget music, a 2-CD of 60s cartoon Jonny Quest music, the complete score to Transformers: The Movie, and apparently Transformers TV composer Rob Walsh and Sony are releasing an album of his music later this year. Oh, and Intrada are releasing the complete score to Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp on Tuesday! Heady times for cartoon soundtrack fans. If you haven't bought the He-Man soundtrack yet, I strongly urge you to do so, because it persuades soundtrack labels to keep doing these sort of projects. I really want a She-Ra set so I want this He-Man one to sell out!


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