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MOTU Origins: Blast-Attak

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  • MOTU Origins: Blast-Attak

    ToonJukka's He-Man and the MOTU Origins: Blast-Attak.

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    Cool video. A shame he never appeared in the new cartoon.
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      Originally posted by RoboSteveo View Post
      Cool video. A shame he never appeared in the new cartoon.
      I agree... However he could've stirred some controversy considering him being a "suicide bomber" in the era we currently live in.


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        I was taking a graduate level statistics course in early 2000, the two subjects I was investigating for correlation were the price of crude oil and the frequency of suicide bombings in Israel - and then, the world.

        I actually pulled some articles in microfiche about Mattel's precautionary reaction to how Blast Attak would be viewed by consumers and the stores that stocked them. Jitsu and Blast Attak were actually included an a couple case studies at prominent MBA programs.

        I can say with absolute conviction that Blast Attak's appearances and marketing was decreased to nothing because of an increase in media coverage of suicide bombings. Jitsu not only shared the same fate, but Mattel, internally and without outside pressure, pre emptively engaged in damage control and spin regarding the possibility that Jitsu's appearance and bio could be viewed as racist.

        One case Study concluded that minimizing Jitsu's media existence was successful and groundbreaking in pre-emptive crisis management (even comparing it to the positive reactive damage control of the Tylenol Recall in 1982). The same study stated that, in hindsight, releasing Blast Attack with more media coverage might have brought more attention to a waning brand and increased interest and sales.

        Another funny side-note is that these are the only positive events I could find regarding Mattel and Public Relations.
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          Interesting info up there GREP, thanks.

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