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Where did you first see The Secret of the Sword?

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  • Where did you first see The Secret of the Sword?

    Curious to know when and where everyone first saw The Secret of the Sword.

    I first saw the film in 5 parts on TV. About a month later, it came out as a feature film, and I got to see it on the big screen. One of the first movies I remember seeing in a theater as a kid. Seeing it with an audience was lots of fun.

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    I remember that they showed it in my hometown during Christmas break, and that I had to walk through a lot of snow to get to the matinee.

    I also remember all the mothers in the audience booing loudly at the screen after Adora fakes fainting, and Skeletor says "Hah! Just like a woman!!"

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      The first time I saw it was on a VHS tape that I got for Christmas.
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        On the She-Ra Season 1 Volume 1 DVD I found at a closeout store.

        I was at least 35 at the time.

        But it was still pretty cool.
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          I remember seeing it in a theatre on an afternoon showing at the old Central Parkway Mall in Mississauga.

          Same place I saw Transformers the movie.


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            I remember seeing it at the cinema when it came out in the UK. Can't remember where though.


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              1991, on VHS with worst dub I've ever heard.

              You don't even have to know the language to be able to tell how awful it is.

              Was very hyped about seeing Hordak. Up until then I only knew him from the toyline and the comics.
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                Saw it in the same theater where I saw Transformers: The Movie as well! Also got the comic with my admission!


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                  I probably saw it back in 1986


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