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Rediscovering The New Adventures of He-Man.

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  • Rediscovering The New Adventures of He-Man.

    Hello again my fellow MOTU brethren... Today I've discovered another channel on YT that has all the NA cartoons, which I've always postponed watching mostly due to the lack of time and/or laziness, however my enthusiasm has been rekindled, especially after re-watching some of the MYP/200X He-Man and Masters of the Universe online on my iPad where I decided to post all the series in the other thread for all HMW's readers to enjoy, especially if you have a mobile device handy that can access the internet and You-Tube without hiccups...

    I've already watched the first episode of NA of He-Man and got very interested to watch the whole series while it's available online. The animation reminds a lot of that charm found in the old school 80's Sci-Fi Japanese Anime which I loved since I was a kid.

    So I welcome you all to discover (or rediscover) here with me the black sheep of the MOTU family so to speak and see how this vast universe was composed by the talented people who've worked on it back in the day.

    The quality of these videos is a little on the poor side, but manageable enough to enjoy them without the extra effort you need to pop the DVDs into your players or acquire them. There are 65 episodes made, and I'll be posting 2-3 episodes daily when I have the time (either before work or after it), so the series would be complete hopefully within 30-40 days from now. All episodes will be embedded here in this original post for easier access.

    So, with no further due, let's begin shall we:


    Episode 1, A New Beginning:

    Episode 2, Quest for the Crystals:

    Episode 3, The Heat:

    Episode 4, Attack on Onnor:

    Episode 5, The Ultimate Challenge:

    Episode 6, Sword and Staff:

    Episode 7, The Pen is Mighter Than the Sword, or is it?:

    Episode 8, Glasnost Schmaznost:

    Episode 9, The Youngest Hero:

    Episode 10, Festival of Lights:

    Episode 11, The Gift:

    Episode 12, Skeletor's Victory:

    Episode 13, He-Man in Exile:

    Episode 14, The Seeds of Resistance:

    Episode 15, The Battle of Levitan:

    Episode 16, Crack in the World:

    Episode 17, Escape From Gaolotia:

    Episode 18, He-Man Mutant:

    Episode 19, Juggernaut:

    Episode 20, Fading Star:

    Episode 21, Skeletor's Revenge:

    Episode 22, The Mind Lens:

    Episode 23, Adam's Adventure:

    Episode 24, Collision Course:

    Episode 25, Planet of Junk:

    Episode 26, Sanctuary:

    Episode 27, Council of Clones:

    Episode 28, Cold Freeze:

    Episode 29, He-Caz:

    Episode 30, Slaves to the Machine:

    Episode 31, The Galactic Guardians:

    Episode 32, The Siege of Serus:

    Episode 33, The Children's Planet:

    Episode 34, Zone of Darkness:

    Episode 35, Once Upon a Time:

    Episode 36, A Plague Upon Primus:

    Episode 37, The Test of Time:

    Episode 38, Four Ways to Sundown:

    Episode 39, The Sheriff of Gorn City:

    Episode 40, The New Wizard in Town:

    Episode 41, The Nemesis Within:

    Episode 42, He-Fan:

    Episode 43, The Dream Zone:

    Episode 44, Brain Drain:

    Episode 45, You're in the Army Now:

    Episode 46, No Easy Way:

    Episode 47, The Guns of Nordor:

    Episode 48, The Bride of Slushead:

    Episode 49, Dreadator:

    Episode 50, Mutiny on the Mothership:

    Episode 51, Rock to the Future:

    Episode 52, The Running of the Herd:

    Episode 53, Balance of Power:

    Episode 54, The Tornadoes of Zil:

    Episode 55, The Taking of Levitan:

    Episode 56, Save Our City:

    Episode 57, The Power of the Good and Way of the Magic:

    Episode 58, Queen's Gambit:

    Episode 59, The Gems in Them Hills:

    Episode 60, The Call to the Games:

    Episode 61, The Blacksmith of Crelus:

    Episode 62, A Time to Leave:

    Episode 63, The Games:

    Episode 64, Flogg's Revenge:

    Episode 65, The Final Invasion:

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    I love these shows! Not as good as Filmation of course, but still fun!
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      Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
      I love these shows! Not as good as Filmation of course, but still fun!
      I'm glad that you're into them. I must say that I prefer this animation style over Filmation a lot more even though Skeletor's and He-Man's designs are among the worst I've seen in this particular fantasy universe!...

      However, the animation, the concept designs and the backgrounds of this series are very Robotech-esque IMO, which is something I will always cherish.


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        Episodes 4, 5 and 6 are ready for viewing...


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          It bothers me that NA is looked down. Pople can't see it's potential. As one of the few kids who still said "hey lets play he-man" after tiring of Ninja Turtles, I was excited in 1990 when He-Man and Skeletor came back with New Adventures. INDEED, The anime style was a welcome new aesthetic for He-Man and more keeping with the changing times. (Thundercats, TMNT i'm looking at you) It often was very beautiful when a good studio was doing the animation. No reuse which should make people who mock Lou for keeping animation jobs in America happy...It also helped to establish a different look for the new brand, but then that's why it "failed", it was TOO different. ("parentheses" because I don't think a toyline that last three years can be considered a failure. It just wasn't as big as what they wanted. That means your expectations where to high, not that it "failed"...)

          it's just a shame that Eternia was abandoned all together. They should have had some Eternian adventures every few episodes without He-Man to contrast with why Primus needed him more then Eternia did. Their would still have been problems with Snakmen, villains come to town and remnants of the Horde Empire to keep the Heroic Warriors busy. It would have help to sell all the still remaining overstock of MOTU toys to kids who where born after 1982. After all, we are the reason Mattel even considered bringing He-man back in the first place. It is great to know that Jack Olesker would have returned to Eternia had they made a season two. His ideas about an Eternian civil war are FASCINATING, though to read them you'll have to venture to the Pepsi flavored MOTU community where he is a member of.

          I've always wondered why Marlena and Randor design are near perfectly on (Filmation) model but have such wrong colors? I LOVE the heartfelt reveal Adam makes to his parents before leaving Eternia. It always reminded me of of a scene from Marvel #12 Lifetime Pt. 1: [page 12 & Page 13] I use to even play act an amalgamated scenario with an April O'Neil standing in for Marlena.
          The NA Mini comic version of the story is interesting in that it their is a transition of designs explained in story, a concern the show did not have. But then in show, Skeletor wasn't a cyborg like the toy was. The unexplained design of Prince Adam was lazy. Why not just start dressing that way AFTER arriving on Primus? I've retconned it in my head that Adam picked up that style of clothing while on Preternia in a PoG story that was never published LOL. I absolutely love the opening sequence. "Hi, I am Adam of Grayskull etc"...Given what we have learned about He-Ro/Gray(skull) over the years, I've often wondered if the "of Grayskull" was a carry over from somebody at Mattel. (If I ever get the chance to ask David Voss, He's the one I think who would know)
          I love the voice of He-man and Skeletor. I know that's a rare opinion, but I listened to the audio-books/Golden video, so I never thought Skeletor had to sound like Filmation's.

          The worse thing about NA is the 4 scientists.I wish somebody would have told Jack Olesker "hey we have this guy named Gwildor who's got this Cosmic Key that can travel through time". In fact, we where going to produce a child sized Cosmic Key as part of the tie in merchandise of the Movie." Then we could have avoided the annoying scientist all together, and had more continuity between the various versions of MOTU. It's that lack of communication or concern for continuity that IMO, really damaged the NA's reputation, feeding into the "that's not he-Man" feel of many kids had at the time. I can't believe how flawed their Market Research was at the time. Anyway, spilled milk, What works well does wok well (like Skeletor and Flogg's relationship, interesting villains) and it's an entertaining branch of the franchise which since inception has been plagued by discontinuity. That people use that as an excuse to ignore what is a great thing is disingenuous IMHO. It's nice to know that over the years, NA acceptance has become more and more prevalent as the community enters it's mid 30's/40's.
          Once upon a time, good advice was "be kind Rewind"now nobody remembers the past.

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            I agree with your thoughts on those annoying scientists, they're a complete waist of time and money!

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          One thing I like a lot about NA He-Man is that animation quality in some episodes is PURE GOLD, that awesome Japanese dynamic animation at its best.

          I've always wondered why Marlena and Randor design are near perfectly on (Filmation) model but have such wrong colors?
          My guess is that it had to do with copyright. With L'Oreal at the time owning all of the Filmation material (including NA development sketches that Filmation has done), things just had to be different in some way so DIC/Jetlag wouldn't get sued.
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            L'Oreal?!!! Interesting...

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          7, 8 and 9 are ready now...


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            And 10, 11 and 12 are now ready for viewing.


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              13, 14 and 15 were also embedded, enjoy...


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                I own these on dvd & I watched them as an adult. I really liked this series waaaay better than failmation. it had continuity & the animation was great. the scientists were truly annoying. replacing them with gwildor is a good idea. those gleanons at the end were also sort of annoying. they reminded me too much of the twiggets. but overall I think it's a really good cartoon.


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                  I'm also liking the action sequences and the continuity, all I can say it's growing on me. As for the scientists, my goodness, and I thought Orko was so annoying, but he's an angel in comparison to these abysmal characters!!!

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                I just added episodes 16, 17 and 18 to the list...


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                  So I just added 19, 20 and 21, however I'll be super busy in the next day or two, and I'm holding off from embedding these videos until Thursday evening or Friday morning! Until then enjoy what's up there, or go and do something more useful!


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                    Hi again, just got the time to embed more videos for your viewing pleasure. Six more episodes were added (22-27), enjoy.


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                      Sorry for the delay guys, I'm too busy at the moment. I'll be back posting some videos again on Monday 9/26th if things go as planned.


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                        how come these aren't being dmca'd?


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                          Who gives? It's out there for people to enjoy and to discover. If someone cares to purchase them at higher quality resolution, that should not stop them from doing so; if they can find them that is!

                          Everything you do online (every single click) is being recorded without your concession by the higher authorities anyways, they should be sued and stopped before anything else!

                        • PhantomZodak
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                          i'm just curious that they aren't. we keep hearing about "rights" for everything, which is why we haven't gotten movie figures yet, so I'm surprised mattel or whoever isn't removing them.

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                          Probably they don't know much about them or don't care. I hope it stays this way... Big corporations like that one don't need more money to milk out of 25 year old cartoons that most people don't care much about...

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                        Six more episodes (28-33) were added to the above video roster, enjoy.


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                          And another six more episodes (34-39) are ready for you to enjoy.


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                            40, 41 and 42 are up now...


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                              43, 44 and 45 are also up.


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                                I remember watching this stuff for the first time when the DVDs were released. Taking the camp factor out, there were actually some decent stories and certain aspect that could've been in the same vein as the first four mini-comics. My son loves the video tape that I have with the commercials for the weapons. So there's something about it that does have that cool factor for kids. It's too bad NA doesn't get another shot to be taken into a new series similar to something like "Batman Beyond". I think it could resonate with today's kids more than the Conan-esque He-Man we grew up with.
                                I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?


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                                  I somehow agree with your notion there, except kids alone don't factor much these days in the 50's-80's/90's established properties such as MOTU, Marvel, DC, Transformers and what have you... IMO most people who buy, watch, read and collect this stuff are adult based audience.

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                                I just added five more episodes (46-50)...

                                And as far as I know, there is about 15 more episodes left, so I'll be adding a total of five episodes in three consecutive days to complete the saga. So until next time, enjoy what's up there.


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                                  I never really got into this series. I remember watching a few episodes as a kid, but it just felt so different from Filmation. I may have to watch a few of these and give it another shot.


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                                    They're very different from Filmation, that's for sure, however if you liked classic Anime of the 80's and early 90's, you might find yourself liking this series as well.

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                                  Episodes 51-55 are ready now for viewing.


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                                    56-60 are also ready for viewing...


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                                      The final batch of episodes (61-65) are now ready for viewing... Hope you'll enjoy the NA of He-Man for days, weeks, months/years to come while this channel lasts with all the uploaded videos.

                                      Thanks for checking out this thread.


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