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  • POP Loni / Double Trouble

    We have seen the weirdest incarnations of our beloved toys in the She-Ra cartoon. Just remember the Slime Pit (with that hilarious slime pig), the Monstroids, Mantisaur, Colonel Blast (early Rio Blast design) or Tung Lashor's appearance.

    But there is ONE Princess of Power figure that didn't appear in any episode- Double Trouble. Could it be, just like Colonel Blast resembles Rio Blast that Loni, She-Ra's friend from the Horde is their take on Double Trouble? She looks a bit like the early prototype and in her episode she is some kind of double agent. What do you think?

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    I always assumed that she was based on Double Trouble, as her design is similar. My understanding is that Double Trouble never appeared in the series because of the fact that the character works as a double agent, and Filmation didn't want to promote the idea that lying was OK to children.
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