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Netflix and Dreamworks Partner on a New Animated She-Ra Series

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  • Netflix and Dreamworks Partner on a New Animated She-Ra Series

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    Netflix and Dreamworks have just announced a new animated She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon for 2018! launch next year. The new animated series will be showrun by the Eisner-winning Lumberjanesco-creater Noelle Stevenson. The cartoon will be a reboot of the classic 1985 series, which was a spin-off to the popular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon by Filmation.

    Here is the full description from Netflix and Dreamworks (via Variety):


    From Eisner Award-winning author and executive producer Noelle Stevenson comes a modern take on the ‘80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans. The trailblazing property originally debuted in 1985 to satisfy demand for a female-led fantasy series. The series is described as an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, led by a warrior princess tailor made for today. The series will be available to Netflix members worldwide in 2018.
    The new She-Ra cartoon has been in the works now for almost 2 years! Noelle Stevenson posted the good news on her Twitter today after the series was announced.
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    Definitely good news. I hope they find a way to tie Masters of the Universe into this new cartoon.
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      Very interesting... I hope a new revision of MOTU would follow.


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        I guess there be least 13 episodes in first season. Well as I think Hordak and Evil Horde be enemies in series. Finnally I wonder will this series include origin story for main heroine, Adora/She-Ra.


        • Jyrki
          Jyrki commented
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          Just I read about Noelle Stevenson. She's surprising young for New She-Ra cartoon's executive producer. She's soon 26 years old. So she's younger than orginal She-Ra series. Not saying it bad thing. Just saying what I discovered. Hopefully new series be good one.

        • Mechanizor
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          Agreed, if she sticks with her art style, probably the cartoon won't look anything like what the MOTU/POP fans are expecting!

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        I'm sure the cartoon will be great. I'm very curious to see what the character designs will look like.
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          Originally posted by RoboSteveo View Post
          I'm sure the cartoon will be great. I'm very curious to see what the character designs will look like.
          Honestly, it's hard to tell if this will be a great Cartoon or not after looking up some of her art work/style:


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            I have no interest in watching the cartoon, but am excited for the next generation. I hope they enjoy it and it has a good message.


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              Here is a first look at She-Ra's design, so far it reminds a little of the latest DC Cartoons:

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              • Captain Atkin
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                I think it has potential. Its good to have a new take on the character in animation, and not just have it be Filmation 2.0.

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