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  • 200X 4:3 VS 16:9

    I remember fans being excited to learn that for the DVD-release, MYP-cartoon would be presented in widescreen 16:9 format,
    as it was animated.

    On TV-airings at Cartoon Network, we only had the square 4:3 version. But they are very fascinating to look at and the differences
    there are to the DVD-version.

    Below are screencaptures from Season 1 episode "Lessons".

    You will notice that on right-hand side the widescreen offers more of the image on both sides.
    But when double checking the TV-version on left, that too had more visual to show. Example here pointing He-Man's teeth for instance.

    Also the obvious note is that MYP went back to refine the footage and added more shadows around He-Man's eyes and nose. These changes were
    made already for the European TVs. Long before we even heard of the DVD possibilities.

    Personally I find it fascinating that both of these versions have something the other doesn't. TV version shows more of He-Man's face from top and bottom, while the DVD version shows more on the sides. Of course it's up to each fan's personal taste which version they prefer.

    For more information and observations about the 2002 animated He-Man series by Mike Young Productions,
    be sure to check out my "The Essential MYP He-Man" Blog.
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    I definitely prefer the widescreen version, but it is interesting to see the small differences between both versions.
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      Generally I prefer widescreen but if orginal material is 4:3......that I going watch it. And very interesting change between USA and Euro releases


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