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Do you remember your first She-Ra's episode?

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  • POP Do you remember your first She-Ra's episode?

    I remember that day... He-Man's toon were so popular in Brazil and we all was waiting the first episode of that announced "twin sister". We were reunited at a friend home that day and She-Ra debuts directly with the six episode, Duel at Devlan - we had the five episodes a year later on theaters as TSOTS - and I remember well her first transformation... so different of what I were accustomed but I was so attracted by the music, effects, so gracious and magic.... just few episodes and that blonde ******e become the iconic and most beautiful memories from my childhood and as adult I lived so many beautiful things thanks for She-Ra.... and you, do you remember when you watched her first episode?

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    For me, it was the 5-part episodes of "The Secret of the Sword" that were shown on TV in Canada. I loved the animation and the humour in those first 5 episodes. I found it to be much more dramatic than the He-Man series, because of the fact that the Horde controlled Etheria, and were a serious threat to the citizens of that world. It was an excellent way to start off the She-Ra series.
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      In one VHS-tape I had partially "A Loss for Words" from cable-channel SKY. Awesome episode. Actually a bit underrated. It should be mentioned by fans more.

      There was no intro. It started when villagers were just losing their voices to Shadow Weaver.
      For years I watched it, knowing it had something to do with He-Man (due to animation style and Grayskull behind Adora), but no real
      info on what it was.

      Until I found some tapes on a flea-market, that had crossover episode too.


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        Damn straight I Australia we didn't get things on tv straight away. We used to have to wait nearly 18 months for shows to come to air. My aunty bought me the secret of the sword video for Christmas and I remember watching it 3 times in a row on boxing day. I was instantly hooked. Then a while later (I was too young to actually be aware of time) She-ra started playing on TV and the toys started coming out. To this day I can recite the entire SOTS movie word for word. I have it on dvd and my kids watch it with me still today. That's why I'm most excited about the classics line - I'll FINALLY have figures that look like the characters from that movie!


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          Red knight, I think.
          Or was it. The Laughing Dragon...

          One of those. :P
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            Secret of the Sword! it's funny... when I watched it as the FIVE eps separately I could tell what the scenes were that they cut in order to make the film version.
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              Day of the Flowers - and I still think I'm the only person in the whole wide universe who likes it. But that is the defining episode of that series for me still.
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                I started watching it right from the beginning so "Into Etheria" was the first episode I saw. I do actually remember "The Secret Of The Sword" playing in theaters though my parents wouldn't take me to see it (can't blame them, really, I couldn't sit through some of the stuff my son used to watch) so I didn't know for the longest time that there was any difference between the movie and the five separate episodes.


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                  I can't remember my first episode but my introduction to the character was the book and cassette of The Secret of the Sword. Watching season 1 on youtube brought back some memories though. I remembered being creeped out by Doctor Drome and Acrobat and being angry at kowl and broom for not realising they were bad guys. Even to a 3 year old those guys seemed dodgy. Also realised that my favourite episode is A Loss For Words which my parents had recorded on a betamax tape and I watched many times.


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