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The Making of Masters of the Universe: The 1987 Movie

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  • The Making of Masters of the Universe: The 1987 Movie

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    Preview reel from a segment of the upcoming TOY MASTERS documentary. This section focuses on the making of the live action Masters of the Universe film.
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    Awesome, thanks!!
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      This was very cool... So basically this movie was very close to not being released at all.


      • Captain Atkin
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        Released without a proper ending.

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      Very excited to see this! I've loved all the clips we've seen over the years. I am sad the full documentary work they wanted to do for the movie was passed on by the WB.


      • RoboSteveo
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        With any luck, it will be added to a future DVD. I'm sure they will re-release the film again for the 30th anniversary.

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      There was a $400 million LOSS towards the end of MOTU? Really?! Wow! I knew MOTU ended, as all good things eventually do but I had no idea... how did MOTUC even happen?

      When Goddard speaks about the film, you can really feel his passion. He made the best movie he could, given the restrictions, and that's why this movie is so awesome. This man helped to create a beautiful sci-fi film from simple, childish, safe, often utterly ridiculous material aimed at 5 year olds. Pure magic!

      Thanks for sharing this! It was fun.
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      • Draego-Man
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        Scooter came down from the heavens and bestowed upon us his holy power to make it happen... of at least that is what he'll have you believe. The reality is that the primary market for the MOTU brand is now over 35 years of age and in a life stage where there is surplus money AND a whole lot of nostalgia AND midlife crises that make people want to relive their childhood. ... CHA-CHING!! That's how.

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      I need the 5 hour version of this video...
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        Today is the 30th Anniversary of the MOTU movie!
        "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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          How time flies by. I remember when I saw it back in 1988 on TV and I was trying to figure out who the hell those Skeletor's minions aside from Evil-Lyn and Beastman, and I wasn't impressed with what they did to the property, even though I liked the (Return of the Jedi) flair in some of the scenes!


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            Indeed. Time moves fast. Often too fast.


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              I had mixed feelings when I first saw this film, but it has certainly grown on me with age. Its a fun film, with quite a bit of heart to it. Recent toy films like Transformers and GI Joe have been complete garbage. This movie is better than any of the recent "action figure" movies.
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                Still bugs me that Fisto wasn't in the movie... lol... but I love this movie. A guilty pleasure.
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                  Here is a few interesting facts from CineFix about the movie:


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