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The 1987 Mighty Spector and the Masters of the Universe movie!

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  • The 1987 Mighty Spector and the Masters of the Universe movie!

    I still remember the first time I saw the movie sketches for Mighty Spector and the Masters of the Universe in Starlog Magazine (April 1987). The Mighty Spector sketches were amazing! Many MOTU fans were upset that the costumes for He-Man and Skeletor had changed from their original designs, but no one could complain about The Mighty Spector's costume!

    "...Right away, I knew that I couldn't really change the look and feel of The Mighty Spector's design. It is one thing to redesign generic characters like He-Man and Skeletor, but you just can't change the look of an iconic character like The Mighty Spector. After all, why mess with perfection?" - G. Goddard, Director.

    What are your favourite memories from The Mighty Spector and the Masters of the Universe movie? Sound off below!
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    I heard from a kid who's dad went to England that The Mighty Spector and Sir Laser-Lot got produced with PoG card backs and come with Part 2 of the three part mini-comic series! He said he saw a Dragon Man toy photo in some kind of book, but that they never made him Eldor and He-Ro. I am so glad to have them all in Classics. I am so glad that Mattel is the best toy company ever and does so much for the fans. We are so lucky that Mattel cares about us all so much.
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      I for one always was a fan of the Skeletor redesign from this classic movie. Spector Sub anyone?


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        Sorry, the eighties are just a blur of coke and bad haircuts to me. Pretty sure 1987 was the year Brazil issued the first warrant for my arrest. Good times. I didn't actually fully dry out until 1994, and by then everyone was on ******, I had way more international arrest warrants, and He-Man wore pants.
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          Even back in the cheesy 80's, the people recognized the awesome talent of our glorious brand manager Scott.
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            That's hilarious. As is the "Spector World" site logo. LOL


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              When I heard there was going to be a movie I wanted to go see it. But then I read the article (good article) but the designs scared me. I thought it was going to be a dark and gory movie. So I didn't see it.


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                Looking back, it is amazing just how much The Mighty Spector influened the superhero films we know and love today. Would the Batman and Spider-man films have been as succesful if it wasn't for The Mighty Spector bravely leading the way? Not very likely. This film was trully ahead of its time. What really amazes me though is that the film was written by the mystifying boy genius that we all know and admire today as Sir Scott Neitlich (dubbed "Toyguru" by the Queen of England). Scott Neitlich trully was the Mozart of his time.
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                • Shawn
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                  You mean IS. we are still very lucky to enjoy the truly amazing gems that he creates like The Unnamed One!

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                  This is supposed to be a joke right?

                  I don't get it...


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