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MATTHEW YURICICH: Matte shots from Masters of the Universe

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    Cool! Im digging this stuff!

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  • MATTHEW YURICICH: Matte shots from Masters of the Universe

    Matthew Yuricich at work on a key MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE glass shot.

    A great before and after matte shot of Castle Grayskull.

    A before and after shot of the Grayskull pit.

    An excerpt from MATTHEW YURICICH: IN HIS OWN WORDS, courtesy of

    "...On that Masters of the Universe there’s one shot, and I said to the director, “Have you ever directed before???? He says, “Hell no!??? These guys have all this confidence, and I admire them. He want’s to paint these bubbled buildings…. He’s talking it all up…there’s no sketch or anything, and the more he talks the more I realize this wouldn’t even look good as a miniature, and he wants light illuminating from the inside or something like that, and I said it’s not going to work. What you’re saying there, I think you should build a miniature. You can control different lighting and all that stuff. He said “No…I’ve got the picture right here in my head.??? I said to him, “You’re not going to get the picture that’s in your head…you’re going to get the one that’s in my head, and I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!??? I did something different. That’s the thing… when somebody’s got a visual thing in their own head, you’d have to do a thousand illustrations before you got close to what’s in their imagination. That’s hard work… but the painting is easy."

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