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Best "cartoon to live" movie cast of all time.

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  • Best "cartoon to live" movie cast of all time.

    All I am saying is there are only two movies in history that I think have been perfectly translated to the screen as far as actor portrayal. One is Popeye (thats a different thread). But the other, is Masters of the Universe. I can't even imagine any other actors in that movie. I could easily (as much as I like him) see Blade as Tri-Klops. Do any of you guys feel like this?

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    I definitely agree with this. The casting for the film was fantastic. Dolph Lundgren was the perfect choice for He-Man in the 80s, and Frank Langella was wonderful as Skeletor. Gary Goddard definitely did a good job casting the roles in the film. All of the actors did a great job bringing their characters life. Not a boring one in the bunch.
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      During my time on 'that other forum' I defended the 87' film from so maybe poor, unjust and unfair critiques. Eventually I came to the conclusion that every He-Man fan that hated this movie was coming from some juvenile fantasy of wanting a live action movie with costumes that looked like the He-Man Macy's Day Parade float. It would not have worked. It would have been a visual disaster.

      Overall, this film was awesome. It took MOTU in a completely different direction and showed that a crudely drawn children's show with pink talking bunnies, happy comets, and other ridiculous concepts often overlooked or forgotten by the Filmation purists and diehards could exist as a fun, well written, respectable sci-fi film. Just listening to Gary Goddard's heart and determination to make this film speaks volumes.

      Sadly this film was just marketed poorly, and even worse, poorly received by a quick to judge fan base, that in my opinion, just wasn't ready to see their MOTU in a different light. I doubt the Transformers movies would have done so well if they were released as they are now during the 80s. Their designs would have been completely rejected by the fans. Or imagine if the TF movies were authentic G1 designs? Optimus Prime would have been a 40 tall stack of CGI blocks. All the arguments about it being a Star Wars rip-off are weak at best. By that line of thinking, virtually any sci-fi/fantasy movie, video game, comic etc that blends technology, laser blasters, and has an enigmatic villain with an army could be considered a Star Wars rip-off.

      The entire cast were so comfortable in their roles and Frank Langella and Meg Foster were probably two of the most compelling onscreen villains to ever come out of a children's franchise. They owned their roles and I sincerely doubt any other incarnation of these villains will ever compare.

      I really don't care for the inclusion of Earth argument either from the 87' film haters, since Earth was an integral part of the original Filmation series, and there was no shortage of 'annoying human kiddie characters' in Filmation, or talking plants, or big fat 'crying like a baby' dragons. For all of Granamyr's awesomeness, Filmation still gave us Sorrowful.

      The human story was used appropriately, gave the opportunity for humor, and did not distract from the fact that Skeletor is a major threat who will cross dimensions to kill He-Man, seize power and become Master of the Universe!
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        I also really like this movie. I first saw it 1989 when me and a friend rented it out, I was about 12 at the time. I have to admit that I really enjoyed it and still do to this day. The only thing that always kinda bothered me was Skeletor's facial make up. I always felt his face should have had some dark shading, mainly in his eye sockets.


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          A very minor gripe indeed, for a movie that was indeed leaps and bounds over its source material.

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          I always viewed the mask as actually being Skeletor's damaged skin --- that the dark arts had deformed his face into a skeletal appearance.

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        I LOVED the Masters of the Universe movie when I was a kid. It doesn't hold up quite as well to adult viewing -- a couple of minor plot holes, too much time of Earth, blah blah -- but overall, I'd say this film got harsher criticism than it deserved. I even enjoyed Gwildor -- more so as an adult viewer now. Billy Barty was just so awesome in everything he did...

        One thing is for sure -- Frank Langella was a brilliant Skeletor. Meg Foster really was superb too as Evil-Lyn...


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          Yeah, the actors really did match up well. I was disappointed in Beast Man - but Blade and Saurod were incredible to me at that time. I can't believe that Dolph is still pumping out films. Popeye was definitely the best cartoon to movie adaptation ever made along with Annie.
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            I'm a huge fan of the film. I think if the film hadn't went to earth, it would be one of my favorite movies of all time. The opening scenes are so riveting and cool. The perfect sword and sorcery meets sci-fi setting and feel!


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