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MOTU Movie props in Cyborg movie.

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  • MOTU Movie props in Cyborg movie.

    New Topic as promised... I do a lot of research about this and will do a 1 hour panel at Grayskull Convention in 7 weeks about this.
    I think most of you on this forum don't come over to Germany for that convention so I'll share here now with you.
    Otherwise stop reading and come to my panel... some new information only reveled there

    So about Cyborg...

    This movie was shot from the remains of Masters of the Universe part 2 and Spiderman.
    They already shot some Spiderman scenes with the actor as Peter Parker...than they send the actor into gym to shoot the Spiderman scenes.
    In that phase the movie got canceled.All sets at the climax of the movie where intended for Spiderman.
    There was also already a teaser poster for MOTU 2.

    Picture 1... The main villian in this movie is played by Vincent Klyn and hes wearing Blade's metall chainmail shirt and wrist guards.

    Picture 2... His right hand played by Ralf Möller (misspelled in the credits as Rolf Muller) wears Blade's leather harnisch.

    Picture 3... Most pisses me of that the dagger thats missing on my He-Man costume was used for a backround carakter incl. Eternian trooper gloves and wristguards.

    Picture 4... Eternia trooper jackets and pants where distressed and used for the pirates at several points of the movie... also there pokets and gloves.

    Picture 5... Another rare item is the Warlord/Air Centurian Body armor. Painted gold and used for one of the pirates (on the left).

    Hope that helps. Some guns from the MOTU movie where also used in Suburban Commando... but that's another story

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    Those are great pictures. It is fascinating to see all of the MOTU props and costumes that were used in this film.
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      Wow, I wasn't aware of picture companies reuse movie props for other movies! Thanks for sharing.


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        Watching this right now. I will be keeping an eye out for these.

        PS. I'm glad He-man didn't become an earthbound quarterback.
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