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Interview with William Stout

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  • Interview with William Stout

    James Sawyer's interview with William Stout - Production Designer on the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie - is now posted in our articles section! Mr. Stout's designs supplied a new take on the heroes, villains, and locations in the 1987 movie, while still maintaining the flavor of the original concepts.

    You can read the interview and see more of Mr. Stout's amazing artwork by clicking HERE!

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    His designs were great, but that was the number one thing that turned me off from the 87 movie as a kid. He-Man needs to look like He-Man, otherwise why bother making a He-Man movie.

    Great interview.
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      I've read this before. I also remember Ralph Macquarie did some designs as well.

      Found it but the pics are gone.
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      Stout's a great artist and terrific guy, always enjoy hearing him talk about his crazy life and experiences.
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