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Did you see the MOTU movie at the theater?

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  • Did you see the MOTU movie at the theater?

    Did you see the Masters of the Universe movie in a theater back in 1987? If yes, what were your lasting impressions of seeing the film on the big screen?

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    I'm afraid I saw it a few years later... on VHS. However, I was very impressed with it.


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      It seems to be that the 1987 movie finds alot of love on the new He-Man forum, which is in stark contrast to the overwhelming posts of ridicule and hate it seems to get from 'the other board'. Wonder why that is?

      Sadly, I missed the MOTU movie in theaters, but saw it as a kid on TV. I fell in love all over again.


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        I did see the movie in the theatre. My lasting impressions were confusion. As a 7 year old kid I was going into it thinking more toy look stuff. It just seemed off to me. But as an adult I do appreciate the movie. My kids like it so I guess that's good. But they also had the same comments too. Like "that doesn't look like He-Man." My personal favorites were Skeletor & Evil Lyn by far.


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          I saw it at the theatre. I remember they were showing it again around Christmas in 1987. The movie blew me away. I still remember missing certain characters like Fisto and Orko, but overall I thought it was great. A shame that it never got a sequel.
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            I was lucky enough to see it in the movies the week it came out. I read any and every magazine article I could about the movie before it came out. I wasn't such a big fan of it as a kid, not sure why. I remember I was really disappointed that it mostly took place on earth.

            I saw The Power Tour at Radio City Music Hall a few months earlier, if I remember right, so maybe seeing all that awesome MOTU spectacle live gave the movie an unfair benchmark to pass. Also I was deep, deep into GIJOE, as were most nine year old boys in 1987.
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              I Was lucky to see it in theater ... Back then no one wanted to go watch it with me so I took my little sister
              I loved all the characters of the movie, But Skeletor was my favorite.


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