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    In the "Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture" sticker album, at the bottom corner of the fold out poster, is a character named Comtech. The Comtechs appear in the film in the computer room where Skeletor meets the Bounty Hunters, and help track the signal of the Cosmic Key.


    Name: Comtech
    Affiliation: Skeletor
    Notable powers: Skilled computer technician

    COMTECH is a fictional character in the 1987 Masters of the Universe by Cannon Films. The film is based on Mattel's best-selling toy line of the same name, although Comtech is not a character from the toy line.

    Comtech is the leading member of a series of computer technicians serving Skeletor; all almost identical in appearance, with pale unpigmented skin, shaven heads and tight black clothing, wearing headphones while working at their computer consoles. They appear in one scene, Comtech uses his computer to monitor the frequencies of the Cosmic Key, to locate the co-ordinates of the world to which He-Man has been transported. Comtech is not referenced by name and appears only briefly without even a close-up; a UK sticker book by Panini reveals the character's name as Comtech. However, it could be that the sticker book used the name as a generic term for one of the communications technicians, as it has never been confirmed whether or not the filmmakers ever referenced him by this name.
    Given the minimal role of this character he is virtually unknown within the MOTU franchise, even to many die-hard fans.

    "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man

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    Nice!!! Did you mold your look after them John?


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    There was a bigger present planed and much more footage done....but didnt make it to the final cut.
    All this poor guys shaved his heads for that shooting.;-)


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