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MOTU movie props/costumes in Cyborg movie.

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  • MOTU movie props/costumes in Cyborg movie.

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    These are very cool pictures. It is interesting to see how these costumes were used again in another film. Just a shame that they never appeared in an actual sequel to Masters of the Universe.
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      The sequel wouldn´t have been good.


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        If Albert Pyun had directed his "He-Man" sequel, then yes, it would have been a terrible film. Gary Goddard had some very cool ideas for a sequel that dealt with the Snake Men. If Gary had been allowed to direct a film with a decent budget, we could have had a great sequel to the 1987 film. Unfortunately, Albert Pyun told Cannon Pictures that he could direct a sequel for just $4 million, and they gave him the directing job. Of course, he failed to produce anything of quality in the script stage, and Mattel pulled the rights, so we never got a sequel.

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      Who is this Albert Pyun and how exactly did he plan to make a sequel to an $80 million (which at the time was huge) dollar movie (that sadly did not do so well) on just $4 million dollars? What exactly was going his mind?

      "Hello executives and financiers at Cannon Pictures, my name is Albert Pyun and I have a great idea for a Masters of the Universe sequel. Don't worry, I've done the math and I can give you a smash hit for only $4 million. How do I plan to pull this off? Simple!

      I'll have the cast/crew stay at my house, and shoot on location. In my backyard. Meals? No problem, my wife is a great cook. She's got that covered! Costumes and props? Ill take anything from the first movie that you haven't destroyed, and my son has access to the Hebrew school's arts/theater program. He played Moses once.

      Lighting and cinematography? Well the sun is free, its like the biggest light ever! Also, my uncle Larry has a couple boxes of Kodak film in his garage. Sound? Radio Shack has a sale on studio mics. I'll buy 3. One to cover my A and B reels, and a third in case one fails. I even have my own director's chair! It's got my name on it and everything! Can I have my movie deal now?"
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        LOL! Sounds like he's poking fun at Cannon Pictures notorious low budget quality. Or he's trying to get a hold of any remaining MOTU movie props.


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