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Another bad movie with MOTU costumes: "Space Chase"

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  • Another bad movie with MOTU costumes: "Space Chase"

    This movie is so bad that it was only released on VHS tape. They used the Skeletor Trooper armor and the Eternian Trooper uniforms in the film.

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    You can read all about the film, and some dreadful video clips HERE and HERE.
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      Those videos are so terrible… but for some reason, I can't stop watching them
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        How do you find this stuff!?!?!?!


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          Wow, they really recycled the use of all those props and costumes.


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            I finaly could get my hands on this movie now. Due to the fact it was only released on VHS tape, that wasnt easy. Than I had to find someone that could copy it to a DVD. Now I'm just through the movie and I have to say.... its not as bad as I thoght but still far from good. There where MUCH MORE MOTU movie props reused as I thought first.

            What I found so far is:

            - He-Man's armband, boots and shinguards.
            - Beastman's shoulder armor (2) used as hats(!)
            - Evil-Lyn's cape.
            - Eternia trooper undersuits , gloves and helmets..used by different characters. Nearly complete Skeletor trooper uniforms without gloves and neck ring.

            What im not 100% sure of do to the bad quailty of the video is: Blade's dart shooter, Beastman's fur suit, Comtech overall.


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              can you put it on youtube?

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            Oh man.....Holy crapparoni, that was painful to watch. *shudders*


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              I need to own this.
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                I only have the german version sorry ;-)


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                  That is awesome. Love seeing stuff from MOTU show up in other flicks!
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