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San Diego Comic Con - freaking impossible now

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  • San Diego Comic Con - freaking impossible now

    Well, 3 hours of my life wasted today. My girlfriend and I woke up at 6:50 am, log onto the stupid waiting room and get put into an imaginary cue at 9am.
    Then, from 9am to 10:01 am - we see notifications that Thurs, Fri and Sat are sold out.

    Ridiculous and frustrating. Screw you SDCC. Seriously, I take ONE year off, 2009, and that is the year they start favoring actual attendees, which makes NO sense.

    Oh, and along with the daily ticket purchase change, you have to buy all 4 days in order to buy preview night.

    I wish Wondercon was in June or August, April just does not work for me.
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    Wow... I'm not a con person at all, never been to one and wouldn't know where to even get tickets for them... but it all sounds very complicated.


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