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What He-Man & She-Ra conventions do you go to?

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  • What He-Man & She-Ra conventions do you go to?

    What He-Man & She-Ra conventions do you go to? To date, I have been to 3 Power-Con conventions in California. I moderated the 1987 MOTU movie panel in 2012 at Power-Con, that featured Gary Goddard, Richard Szponder, Anthony De Longis, and Meg Foster, which was a lot of fun. I plan on going to Grayskullcon in Germany in the near future, and I would also like to travel to England for the Twins of Power convention.
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    I use to go to SDCC ever year between 1996-2009 before the fan gathering got "official" and large. I miss those days. I use to live 3 hours away. I'm now in Ohio...We had a super small Ohio gathering at a local amusement park. I think Val organized it. That was fun. I wish we did that more often. I missed the bowling ally thing last year.

    I missed the first few Power-Cons...2013 was my first and I don't think I ever felt more like my self or more "at home" before that. I wish I could feel that comfortable everyday. Even in such a large community full of cool friends I still feel a bit isolated and alone because I don't feel like I belong to any one click or group. I'm like that in the flesh. Always a little like this group or that group with no group to call my own. That melted away at Power-Con, even more so then my annual sojourn to San Diego from years past. Perhaps it was due to less of a crowd, perhaps because of the focus of the event (MOTU was always "the reason" to go to SDCC) or even due to the time away from such conventions...little of all of that, but it was mostly because how warmly I was welcomed by so many and how well we got to know each other over a 48 hour period. It seriously needs to be a 3 or 4 day event.

    I'd love to go to NYCC or NY Toy Fare someday. It's not that far. Grayskull Con looks SUPER COOL. But I don't think I could be on a flight that long. I HATE flying more then I hate Loo Kee...
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      I've always enjoyed NYCC. I've been a few times, and it's been a lot of fun. Obviously not as big as SDCC, but they still have a lot of really neat events. I was always kind of bummed before that I couldn't make it to Power Con or SDCC, as the expense and the time commitment for me is just too great (and couple that in with the fact that I too HATE flying).

      Maybe there can be a He-man World get together at NYCC this year. As we build up the forums, it would be a nice way to get to meet people who maybe otherwise couldn't attend SDCC or Power con

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    I went to the first 2 Power Cons in LA. They were fun. I actually liked the first PC the best. But it was a lot of fun & lots of MOTU goodness to purchase. I didn't go last b/c my oldest brother got married. I'd love it if there was a Midwest MOTU convention.


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      Obviously I went to all Grayskull Conventions since 2011, because I organized the events I recently left the team, but I do plan to attend further Grayskull Conventions.
      I would love to go to Power-Con one day, but our finances are rather low at the moment. Power-Con being in New York this year helps, cause the flights are much cheaper. But it´s not only the flight, but the hotel and the overall trip. Grayskull Con used to be much more convenient. Attendees paid 50 Euros and got accommodation and catering on top of their con-ticket. For 3 days! Power-Con costs $65 (with currency conversion, that´s basically the same amount of money) for the show alone, no food and no bed included. So a trip to Power-Con will always cost much much more for Europeans than a trip to Grayskull Con for US fans.


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        I have been to 3 or 4 SDCC comic cons. I was actually thinking about going to the Powercon this year - but then it moved to NY. Instead of SDCC I am thinking about hitting the WonderCon as long as it is still in Anaheim - the Cosplay looks incredible and I love to people watch.

        I wish the GIJOE CON would end up somewhere I want to visit and will not break the bank.
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