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UPDATE: Power-Con 2014 cancelled

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    Originally posted by deano_ue View Post
    bravo all involved in the higher ups, you finally managed to take one of the biggest successful toy lines/cartoons and fan loved properties and turn it into one of the biggest jokes of geek/nerd culture
    rko:You got that right Deano...


    • deano_ue
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      i always knew there was the under lying jokes with motu/pop. the whole gay joke and corny jokes. but now the fans themselves are becoming the jokes, and its not hard to see why on both sides of the spectrum

      i had a quick glance at the org and its the reaction i expected a few really pissed, most all woe is me and some already throwing jabs at who's to blame. take a guess its the nasty negators who never support anything

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    sucks for those who already planned plane tickets and hotel stuff for sure.

    1. Dropping TMNT on a year that they had a movie coming out was in fact what I think a bad choice. From what people spoke above, I have to echo in agreement, There were a TON of ninja turtle fans at the power con that i went to last year. I thought it made sense having them, and thundercats. Not sure about the cost on those voice actors etc, so i can't speak out of turn, but on a year like this one where the movie was coming out, I could only think that it would have helped.

    2. Location. I don't know where all the people "involved with he-man/turtles etc" live, but for me the LA area seems to be the logical place. if lets say 75 percent of people that have been involved on a professional level with these properties live in cali, and 25 percent live in new york, and the con is still a smaller less funded con, the place to go would be LA, and keep it there. why did they try to change it? for the fans? sorry but fans will go where the good stuff is, period. its a proven concept. look how watered down they made wizard worlds trying to cater to fans. they all became so lame, and C2E2 stepped in saying, we are big, and we are in chicago.


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      It's closer and easier for me to get to new york, but the actions of the organizers as of late (I heard a lot of talent won't work with Val again, this includes he-man talent like Mark Taylor) and the poor planning of the con (too close but too far from NYCC, people can't go to both in the span of a month, nycc is much bigger draw if it was held that weekend it's likely you would get much more attendees as they could reach both) and the ego involved (starting a con should be small at first and let it grow, they started too big and didn't have the money to sustain the size so they cut everything back) that doomed it in my opinion.

      Smarter business minded fans will strike up a better con. might not start better but it will grow into one.


      • deano_ue
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        i know i shouldnt but id be lying if i wasnt curious about the stories with other creators

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      Mark Taylor said he would NEVER work with Val again, said he was rude, unprofessional and some other things. Then there are creators that got screwed by the crossgen debacle. To Val's credit I believe he paid them all out of his own pocket, but it took a long time (understandably) and some of those creators are bitter about the experience.


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        Mark Taylor story is pretty simple.
        Mark decided to not go to the second Power-Con when he heard I was not invited and not welcomed, and the same was for the PAH Foundation.
        He told Val he would never go to an event that is about excluding someone. Val didn't get it, and he even went as far as saying it was my fault Mark wasn't coming and that Mark wanted me to apologize to Val.
        Val kept calling Mark, who didn't budge from his position. Val never admitted any of his mistakes to him, he kept inviting him and talking to him like he is convinced that eventually everybody will realize how crazy Emiliano is.

        Well, to cut it short, we held the PAH Foundation reception that year, in the same Power Con Hotel (basically a small dinner with art on display) and Val tried to get us kicked out of the Hotel.
        I called Mark during the reception to say hi, and he and his wife Rebecca decided to show up at the hotel to see us and participate at our reception. The fans attending were delighted as both Mark (who also had open heart surgery only a month before!) and Rebecca are lovely people to talk to.
        I think that finally made it clear for Val.

        BTW, I don't think any of those creators have been paid or requested payments. Talents like voice actors do, but ex-Mattel employees or Filmation usually don't.
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          Your story just makes me like Mark Taylor that much more.

          What Vile did to you & the PAH Foundation last year was disgusting & was the reason why I stayed away from Power Con.
          I hope others felt the same way as Mr. Taylor and that played a major role in this year's Power Con getting cancelled, because Vile has no one to blame but himself for his decision to actively exclude fellow fans of MOTU from what could have been a great ongoing con.


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