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UPDATE: Power-Con 2014 cancelled

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  • Captain Atkin
    This is unfortunate news for all the fans who want to go. They still have a week to get more sales, so some people on the fence may buy tickets now. I went to Power-Con three times in California. I personally think California is a better location then New York for the con, as its a nice sunny vacation spot with lots of attractions. Plus, most of the talent live there. I also think dropping the ThunderCats and Ninja Turtles can't be helping ticket sales this year. I still don't understand why they did that. From what I saw last year, nearly half the fans were TMNT fans.

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  • Black Zodac
    started a topic UPDATE: Power-Con 2014 cancelled

    UPDATE: Power-Con 2014 cancelled

    UPDATE: Power-Con 2014 has been officially cancelled.

    Originally posted by JVS3
    We appreciate all the kind words and messages of support everyone has shared on behalf of Power-Con. Unfortunately, our goal for advanced sales was not reached which has resulted in cancellation of our 2014 event.

    Refunds for tickets, vendor tables, and Goat Man preorders will begin to be issued this weekend and will be completed within 60 days of this announcement. You do not need to contact us to request your refund, it will be automatically processed within the 60 days. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the actual refund process, please contact us via our website.

    We’re sorry we were not able to offer Goat Man at Power-Con. MattyCollector will be offering Goat Man at San Diego Comic-Con and later this year via their online store. Much like in previous years with the travelling exclusive, we suspect Goat Man will be fairly easy to obtain online.

    The He-Man and She-Ra fan base is a passionate one. It has an amazing online community and we hope it will live on for decades to come. With each new year comes new opportunities for the MOTU and POP brands as well as for the fans. If a new form of entertainment arises for He-Man and She-Ra, such as a movie or cartoon, Power-Con will return and again strive to create the experience that was enjoyed by so many of you at Power-Con in the three previous years.

    Please subscribe to our Newsletter so you won’t miss out on important updates, including any news about a possible future convention. Click here to sign up today!

    Thank you to all the attendees, vendors, exhibitors, press, volunteers, and talent that have supported Power-Con for the last three years and we wish you a good journey!

    Original post:

    It looks like the New York Power-Con 2014 may get cancelled this year if not enough tickets are sold in advance.

    Originally posted by JVS3
    He-Man and She-Ra Fans,

    For the past three years Power-Con was hosted in the Los Angeles area with an abundance of guests, enthusiastic attendees, and many happy vendors. But for the people organizing and running Power-Con, the show is a labor of love that has always operated with the goal of breaking even on expenses, even with the entire staff working on a volunteer and unpaid basis. So when the LA show peaked in attendance, we knew we had to look at other possible venues to continue the event. Countless fans asked every year for Power-Con to come to New York. Therefore, in an effort to help the show continue and give fans what they asked for, the decision was made to take this year's show to the city that never sleeps. Unfortunately, the staff at Power-Con is coming to you today with a heavy heart to announce that the number of advanced tickets sold are 28% of the total needed to pay for the current convention expenses.

    The vast majority of He-Man and She-Ra creative talent live in and around the Los Angeles area. Getting talent to New York adds additional high cost factors that were not present in the LA location, which is why we forewarned fans that doing a travelling show would result in Power-Con having a smaller guest list, akin to other brand-specific traveling conventions. Our current guest list for the show is final: Brian Dobson, the voice of the 200X Skeletor; Dave Bullock, Mike Young He-Man storyboard artist; Djordje Djokovic, sculptor and graphic designer who has worked on various He-Man projects; the Four Horsemen toy design group; Paul Kupperberg, original DC Comics He-Man writer; and Earl Norem, famed He-Man artist. We also have a number of great vendors already committed to the show.

    If you want to come and experience an intimate gathering with fellow fans of He-Man and She-Ra, and interact with some of the talent who helped bring these brands to life, please purchase your advanced tickets by Friday, July 11, 2014.

    The bottom line:
    • If we reach 100% of the number of advanced ticket sales needed by Friday, July 11, 2014 (one week from today), we will be able to proceed with the payment that is required by our host hotel. Power-Con, like many conventions, requires expensive up-front costs including hotel room fees, meeting room rentals, audio/visual equipment rentals, and other related expenses. New York is especially expensive.
    • If we do not reach 100%, the convention will be canceled and we will absorb the financial loss already dedicated to the project. Pre-ordered tickets, Goat Man orders, and vendor table sales will then be refunded over a 60 day period following the July 11th deadline. We are not able to refund other related travel expenses and deeply apologize.
    We hope a cancellation does not occur. We want Power-Con to reach its goal and go on as planned in New York. Please spread the word to any fans you may know, especially those who live in and around the New York City area. We at Power-Con still hope to put on a great show in New York that mirrors the fun of the previous three years in Los Angeles!

    On a positive note, if we meet our goal by Friday, July 11th:
    • We will begin looking at the possibility of adding additional guests to the convention. The more tickets sold past 100%, the more guests we can pursue.
    • All advanced ticket holders will receive a free art print illustrated by Chris Faccone.

    Please click here to pre-order your tickets today!
    Deadline: Friday, July 11, 2014

    Power-Con is slated to take place on September 13 & 14, 2014 at the New York LaGuardia Airport Marriott. Advance 2-day tickets (weekend passes) are $65.00 each. Day passes for Saturday or Sunday are $40.00 each. For complete information, visit the Power-Con website at: Thank you for your support!

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