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    I was wondering if there are any Hot Toys collectors here. These figures are often 1/6th scale figures. They are often are far realstic looking than normal toys. Main audience for these high quality might be adult collectors. I am pretty new on Hot Toys and 1/6th scale figures. I only own one so far. It's DX Series: T-800 Battle Damaged Sixth Scale Figure from Terminator 2: Judgement Day film. I plan to buy a few more these figures someday. Seems like often these limited edition Hot Toys are often sold out.

    So are there any Hot Toys collectors here or people who are thinking of getting these figures?

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    For anyone not familiar with Hot Toys, you can check out their cool website HERE.
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      I was an early adopter with Hot Toys many years ago. Their Terminator and Aliens figures were really great. The last figure I got was the 87 Predator. The rising prices and reissues made me have to drop them. Also the glue, as well as the rubber and plastic parts on several figures started to deteriorate, really badly. I sold my collection long ago, along with pretty much all my 1:6 scale. I am really surprised to see how much some of the older figures go for.
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