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  • Burton Batman fans?

    An fellow Batman 1989 & Batman Returns fans here? I am totally enamored with those films and run a fansite devoted to them:

    ​Anybody else here dig them?


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    I like 89 and Returns was only good for the Catsuit. I'm a fan of Forever more than returns. and B&R only good thing about that was Alicia Silverstone.
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      Love the first one.
      Second one... I get a feeling Burton intentionally made a mess since it's known that he didn't want to film it. Waaaaay too fantasy like and way too weird (yeah, I know Burton's usual style is that of fantasy and strangeness but it doesn't really click well with Batman).
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        1989 Batman was and is my Batman. Although I do enjoy various iterations of Batman in film. I really like the first Batman and Returns. I know it isn't a great film, but when you have a memory attached to it like I do it stays with you. I remember when Forever came out being very ecstatic about it and even enjoying it. I remember getting a movie poster (the ones you see in Walmart) for Christmas from a friend of mine. Now however, Forever doesn't hold up, its fun...kinda...but it goes down hill fast. I will keep the first two and act like the others never happened. Until Batman Begins that is.

        Anyone here watch Beware the Batman? Thoughts?


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          I liked 1980 to 1990 Batman movie series. Also I liked Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. Also I loved Batman TAS and Batman Beyond. Well as The Batman. Also I have watched Beware the Batman series. My thoughs about it. It's well made series. So far I enjoyed it episodes and small ongoing storyline. Hopefully We see soon new episodes of it and it's not cancelled like some website reports.
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            First Keaton one was good, Returns was visually good, bad story. The rest of the 90's Batman films suck butt, and the first Nolan film was the only one that was good.


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              The 1989 Batman film was my first real exposure to the Batman franchise. However, Batman Returns is my favorite of the two. I think it's Catwoman. I just find her performance very well done.
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              • Captain Atkin
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                Well... her performance is well done. She did define the character for most people. The costume didn't hurt either, but she really sold the part with her acting skills. She was a smart, strong, kickass woman. Just a shame that Michelle Pfeiffer never got have a Catwoman spinoff film.

              • Swift Wind
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                Ummm not like that....Michelle Pfeifer I just felt brought a sadness to the role and kept her very sexy and dangerous at the same time.

              • Dark Angel
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                She was very "real" and raw in a comicbook world, and she kept it grounded despite all the weirdness. She made you believe that, despite the skintight outfit and acrobatics, there was a very real, deeply damaged woman there. In short, she was awesome, as I have found she usually is in all her roles.

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              I loved Tim Burton's Batman films. Michael Keaton was such a cool Batman. Everyone thought he was such an odd choice at the time he was cast, but he made a great Batman, and is considered by many to have been the best actor to play the role. He also had the best voice of all the actors who played the part in the live-action films. I would really love to see them make a 3rd film, and give the Burton/Keaton series a proper trilogy.
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                I'm a huge fan of those movies. Up until TDK, Batman Returns was my favorite Batman film. I think they still hold up so well. While they were definitely my first real introductions to Batman, I definitely find them stranger as I get older for how different they are from everything else Batman related, but I love them. And Michelle Pfeiffer? Still the definitive Catwoman to me, even though the role is so unlike most other Catwoman depictions. When I think of Catwoman, I simultaneously see images of Michelle Pfeiffer and the Hush era Catwoman.
                I really wish Burton and Keaton had done Forever. Might have been worth watching!


                • Captain Atkin
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                  The only good part of Batman Forever was the casting of Jim Carrey as the Riddler. I actually wouldn't mind seeing him play the Riddler again if Tim Burton directed him in a sequel, as I think he would give us a much different take on the character today. Michelle Pfeiffer still looks terrific, and would still make a great Catwoman. A Michael Keaton sequel done in the vain of the graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns" would be cool.

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                Love Burton's Batman movies. It has a sense of whimsy that is sorely missing from Nolan's take on Batman. For Bat's sake, the Batmobile doesn't even LOOK like the Batmobile. It looks like a military tank. Boo!

                Hyper-realism has had it's day. Time to bring that sense of dark adventure back.


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                  This whole, "make it more grounded" ... "more gritty" ... "more realistic" approach to filmmaking really annoys the crap out me. I prefer a little fantasy... that's the whole point of going to the movies... to escape reality for a few hours.


                  • Robzilla
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                  Sallah has started up a new Tim Burton's Batman group:
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                    When I was a kid, I couldn't get enough of the Burton Batman films, though I was a very casual fan. I didn't own any Batman merchandise outside the movies, and no comics. I was a Spider-Man fan, but these films were awesome. Michelle Phiefer was the perfect Catwoman for me, and Penguin could have been Danny Devito's stand out role.

                    Even re-watching them now, they have not lost their magic. Honestly, they are what comic book movies should be. The Chris Nolan reboot was uninteresting to me, purely from the eyes of a casual fan. I'm sure for Batman fans, they were everything and more. Also Christian Bale irritates me, and the guy they cast for Bane wasn't doing it for me either. I did like Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow, but I'm partial to Cillian Murphy.

                    I also remember played the Batman Returns SNES game right through to the end. My only disappointment was not being able to do side levels as Catwoman. Haa haa. Those were the days.
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                      I've always enjoyed those old Batman movies more than the current renditions for a number of reasons!... However, I'm still waiting for those perfect Batman movies that suppose to mimic the true source!


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                        Love the Burtons, and Returns is my favorite - because Michelle Pfeiffer. Is. Catwoman. " 'bout a kiss, Anti-Claus?"

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