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MOTU Popularity Tournament?

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  • MOTU Popularity Tournament?

    Many years ago I used to host DC/Marvel Comics popularity tournaments just for fun where there would be 128 characters at the start then 64 characters left for the 2nd round, 32 characters left in the 3rd round and so on until 2 were left in the final. Here's a sample: I used to retire each winner and start another tournament and then also used the first 32 winners from the DC Popularity Tournament to create a tournament with just the 32 winners against each other, but for the MOTU tournament I was just thinking maybe only one tournament is enough. Is this something you would be interested in participating just as a fun experiment to see how far some characters could reach? If there's any interest in this then you could maybe private message me for MOTU characters that you would like to nominate for the tournament.

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