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    how are they non fans if they are the ones going to the movie to see it? what makes a fan? Does the rap music comment include secret of the ooze? its fine if you are describing the TF franchise, because again, I haven't seen half of them. I have no opinion on them, they just look blurry to me. From what I have read, the actor playing "shredder" in this movie is an amazing character actor, and people really respect that guy.

    slow motion, and explosions are not connected to source material, in fact, the source material often calls for those things. those are "preference" film qualities.

    "sometimes people talk crap because it genuinely sucks" very true. and what does that say about a person when they think something sucks that they haven't even watched?

    I think you guys are failing to realize, I am not defending this movie, I am defending a proper critical stance on it. "what are they without the fans?" well apparently there are a sea of people who love these movies, and although I might not agree at all with their liking of it, I can still respect a fan as a fan, and not think that because I have a crappy black and white horribly drawn comic book from their original conception, that I mean more or care more about it.


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      While I can agree you should reserve judgement until you actually see it, the fact is Michael Bay's track record for making overblown big budget turds is pretty apparent. I loathed that he made a completely unnecessary re-make of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I certainly wasn't impressed by any of the Transformers films I've seen. Going by the varied trailers I've seen for his TMNT movie, I'm certainly not excited about it.
      I've been a fan since I first picked up the old B&W Mirage studios comic back in the 80's and I've been itching to see a movie made that captured the essence of those stories accurately. As much as the Archie Comics based stuff slightly annoyed me with their more kid-friendly approach, they remained faithful enough to the source material for me to enjoy it. Going by those trailers, I don't get that sense at all. I certainly hope those rumors I kept hearing about making the turtles aliens were untrue.
      Regardless, I might maybe check it out if ever it comes to my on-demand service. Maybe.
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        And produced the unnecessary "Friday the 13th" too.

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        Uuuugh!! He did that too?! PHLEH!! If they're gonna re-make something, why not something that SHOULD be re-made like "Manos: The Hands of Fate"? Easily one of the worst movies ever made! :P

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      Originally posted by Sky Runner
      Potty Humor
      Does that mean Baby Skeletor is going to show up on those movies too?
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