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  • May The Fourth Be With You...

    He-Man > Luke Skywalker.
    Skeletor > Darth Vader.
    King Hiss > Darth Maul.
    Man-At-Arms > Obi-Wan.
    Man-E-Faces > Han Solo.
    Tela > Leia.
    Orko > Jar-Jar.
    Mer-Man > Greedo.
    Grizzlor > Chewbacca.
    Horde Trooper > Storm Trooper.
    Trap Jaw > Boba Fett.
    Zodac > Yoda.
    Sorceress > Padmé Amidala.
    Hordak > Palpatine.
    Extendar > C3P0.
    Clamp Champ > Lando.
    Beast Man > Count Dooku.

    Just sayin'.
    "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky

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    Only vehicles resemblance but not faction accurate:

    Wind-Raider> Snowspeeder
    Dragon-Walker> AT-AT
    Talon-Fighter> Millennium Falcon
    Roton> Tie-Fighter
    Attak-Trak> Sand-Crawler
    Night-Stalker> AT-ST
    Battle-Ram> Turbo-Tank (Juggernaut)
    Land-Shark> Landspeeder
    Spydor> Homing-Spider-Droid


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      Prince Adam > Luke Skywalker
      Skeletor > Darth Vader
      King Hiss > Count Dooku
      Man-At-Arms > Obi-Wan
      Sea Hawk > Han Solo
      Princess Adora > Princess Leia
      Orko > R2-D2
      Kowl > C3P0
      Mer-Man > Greedo
      Battle Cat > Chewbacca
      Horde Trooper > Storm Trooper
      Blade > Boba Fett
      Saurod > Bossk
      Zodac >
      Qui-Gon Jinn
      Oracle > Yoda
      Sorceress > Mon Mothma
      Hordak > Emperor Palpatine
      Bow > Lando
      Roboto > IG-88
      Evil-Lyn > Asajj Ventress
      Teela > Padmé Amidala
      Keldor > Anakin Skywalker
      Huntara > Aurra Sing
      Jitsu > Darth Maul
      The Mighty Spector > Jar Jar Binks
      "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


      • Draego-Man
        Draego-Man commented
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        All true, except Jar Jar Binks > The Mighty Spector. lol.

      • Captain Atkin
        Captain Atkin commented
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        Yeah, I guess I shouldn't insult Jar Jar Binks like that... lol.

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      I thought The Mighty Spector> Bantha Poodoo!


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