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Ben Affleck's Batman and the Batmobile!

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  • Ben Affleck's Batman and the Batmobile!

    The new Batman costume (worn by actor Ben Affleck) and the Batmobile from director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel have been revealed today. No word yet on if the costume is grey and blue or grey and black, but judging by these black & white pictures, it looks like the mask and cape are probably black. The Batmobile looks like a cross between the Tim Burton movies and the Chris Nolan design.

    What do you think? Are you liking these new designs?
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    Full picture:

    After the statement that the Batsuit was radically reinvented... I'm actually shocked that it's very close to comic book look (Dark Knight Returns to be precise). More so than any of Nolan Batsuits.
    However, I need to see it in color and from other angles before I could decide whether it's good or not.
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      I'm fairly happy with the design. It's certainly different from previous movies. I really want to see them in action to make a final judgement, but it all looks good so far. Now let's see what Wonder Woman & Superman look like.


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        I like the sleeker design a lot. Hopefully this will be a return to a more stylized Batman
        Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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          Looks alright. Glad they had the balls to change the look of Batman yet again.


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            I like the looks, although Bat-Ben's Cod piece looks enormous, lol.
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              Not bad....Not bad. It's seems more like Miller's style Batsuit than recent Nolan's film Batsuit, what also was good too. Only Batsuit I don't like is 1960's series suit.


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                I thought this is more of a Jim Lee Bat-suit style. I like what I see thus far.


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                  Nananananananana...BATFLECK!!! Seriously though, it all looks pretty cool. As much as I liked Christian Bale, I was beginning to think that his bat-suit was just a little too military-looking. That and the bat-mobile. I also thought the mouth-opening in his mask/cowl was getting smaller and smaller. This really does have a Frank Miller look to it, so that's all good. Even Affleck's butt-chin seems to suit The Dark Knight nicely. Maybe, just maybe it won't suck. Maybe.


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                    I'm really loving the TDKR influence in the suit! The fabric creasing, veins and musculature make it seem like the man under the cowl is the one whose jacked versus generic costume padding (though I'm pretty sure that Affleck is getting some help from the costume and special effects departments). I'm also really feeling the cowl, it looks like it could be folded back which I'm all for:

                    I also really love the little scratches on the bat symbol, makes him look battle tested. In-fact even though it's early days (the movie does come out in 2016), I'm probably gonna make myself a custom t-shirt out of it here (since I'm not into cosplay but really like the costume).
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                      A new photo of Affleck as Batman.

                      Cape and cowl on display.

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                        Nice, however he should be wearing that cowl and never take it off if you ask me! He could pass well as Batman, but not so much as Bruce Wayne!

                        Now, where are those Batmobile pictures?


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                          A picture of an armored Batman just went online from the teaser trailer at SDCC.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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                            Cool, I hope this movie does these two iconic characters justice,
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                              its not going to do them justice I dont think. Its all a batman love fest. I am completely over the character. his characterization is so over dramatized. its just annoying. I think it will probably be a good movie, but its all about making him look cool compared to superman.


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                                im not saying batman is a bad character. But the character has become bigger than its original intent. He would be destroyed by superman in a fight. I don't care what nerd is arguing it. He is the equivalent of Johnny Depp about 5 years ago. not just hollywood, but the internet is just overflowing with annoying love for the guy. he is just so incredible, can do anything, blah blah blah... The same goes for Batman as of recent. its just. too much, and not at all realistic, though fan boys claim he is 'just human" its just a line of bull. I am sure the movie will do well, and it will be cool. Ben looks like he could do the part well.


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                                  I remember when this was announced, and how outraged many in the comic book community were. I never really understood the hate that many seem to have for Affleck. I think that hes going to be a good Batman. My favorite live-action portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne to date, has been Nolan/Bale's version. Sure the last movie wasnt that good, in my opinion. But the first two were great, in my opinion. Nolan's version captures the darkness of the Batman comic books nicely.

                                  I also like that Nolan gave the Batman, the most comic book accurate origin story- to date. And that it was Joe Chill (and not the Joker), that killed the Waynes. I also really like that in his movies, they refer to Batman as "The Batman"...which is a nod to the original dark vigilante of the late 30's, and makes Batman appear more like a supernatural entity, than just a guy running around in a cape and cowl. I prefer the "mysterious" and the "we dont know what we are dealing with here" feel to the Batman. Burton also captured this dark and "urban legend" feel, in the opening scene of his first movie.

                                  But most importantly, it was Bale's acting ability that brought Batman to his roots. Bale played Bruce and Batman, as two separate characters. In my opinion Bale brought to the Batman, what Christopher Reeve brought to Superman. Ironically Bale had tried to get the part of Dick Grayson, back in the 1990's.

                                  But with all of that said, Nolan did ruin Superman in my opinion... Man of Steel sucked...
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                                  • GREP-A-TOR
                                    GREP-A-TOR commented
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                                    Never understood hatred towards Asslick? Have you seen Daredevil?

                                    Nolan definitely swung and missed on his version. There are two movie sequels you don't mess with, Superman II and Empire Strikes Back.

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                                  Originally posted by GREP-A-TOR View Post
                                  Nolan definitely swung and missed on his version. There are two movie sequels you don't mess with, Superman II and Empire Strikes Back.
                                  Two great movies, Empire is actually my favorite Star Wars movie. Nolan seems to be under the impression that because "dark and gritty" worked for his Batman movies, then it should work for everything... The "dark and gritty" stuff worked for Bats, because the Batman's stories take place in a dark and gritty world...

                                  But to try to turn Superman as "dark and gritty" just doesnt work, in my opinion. Yea I know that golden age Superman, was very rough- but he was not a dark or gritty character. And most people that loved "Man of Steel", are usually the types that dont like the standard portrayals of Superman. The writing sucked for MOS, and that costume was horrible, (that was probably due to the New 52 garbage)... And I didnt necessarily care for the incessant "Messiah" comparisons, that "Man of Steel" continued to do with its Snyderman.

                                  I understand that times change, and that comic books are usually a reflection of their readers (but mostly their writers). But the standard core of Superman's personality has not changed that much (if at all), within the last 35 years... So there should be no reason why they should try to ruin Superman, with the dark and gritty crap.

                                  Oh yea, then theres the types that argue that "Nolan's Superman is a realistic portrayal" that many use to defend it.. And I say to that, "Its a movie about a man from another planet, with flying powers- and almost indestructible vulnerability... The "Realistic" stufff just doesnt apply to such a movie..." Realistic would be a guy waking up everyday, doing 9-5 at a newspaper office- and rarely getting "hot scoops" that would involve violent encounters...

                                  Donner and Reeve's Superman, is still the definitive live-action portrayal of the character.
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