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    Hey friends, just thought, since this was a new site, I would try a new hobby! lol. I recently wrote my first "article" ever. its obviously a first draft. and still needs much tweaking, but I thought maybe you guys would like to read it, and get your opinions on it! thanks!

    FROZEN & THE FUTURE name it not a completely girly title Seriously I think I have seen Aladdin at least 500 times). It would be like comparing a new friend you just made at summer camp, to the friend you have had since you were in the 5th grade. Newbie is just always going to be not as good. Period.

    So let’s not do that. Let’s talk about Disney as a whole first.

    Going back to the glory days, the mid 90s for Disney, where everything was perfect, every song was a hit, and every character was a house hold name. There was something in the air. The teams, and animators, the directors and actors all just seemed to fit so perfect. A few had known celebrity voices that fit the part (unlike now and days where it seems to even pitch an animated movie a singer/actor/dancer/rapper has to be attached to a voice, I mean, I get it. Snoop Dogg is funny. He was funny 20 years ago…… but Drake needs to take a voice actors paycheck? That’s a different article all in itself) great effort in trying to recreated the traditional stuff, and I have to say, for me, there is something about the 2D animation that will always trump the 3D) Then you have Bolt, another great original that had a sweet storyline, and had amazing casting of John Travolta as the superhero dog. (this is one of those few movies that I could really see easily translating to a Disney cartoon property)

    I could go on and on about this. About how much fun Tarzan was, how much I adore the movie Treasure Planet, and its recreation of a traditional tale. How much my children love Mulan, and Atlantas.

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