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  • Thundarr the barbarian

    Extremely interesting article from the time before the show premiered, giving insight on how television animation functioned back then:

    The big thing that we've had to overcome is that the censors tend to treat children as if they're not just morons, but lunatics, potentially dangerous creatures.
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    The same could be said about a certain internet forum if you just replaced the word "children" by the word "fans". Pretty cool huh?
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      Well it is said that history repeats. :P

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    Damn... TG even made it into this thread too!
    "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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      Who said anything about ***guru?

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    Damn, I wish I had the WARDUKE helmet as a kid, hell, even now.

    I love Thundarr, that is a good article - love the pics too.
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      holy shit new favorite website!

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    The Thundarr thing is cool, but uh..."THE CLONE WARS EXPLAINED" omg I shit my self! I love love love "vintage theories" to now explained phenomenon. It's why I Love Powers of Grayskull 1987 more then anything else in MOTU That is why I am so obsesed with it. What we thought the clone wars would be about pre1999 should be a book in and of it self IMO.

    But the Thundarr stuff. Cool. save that link for later! (in the year 1994 duh duh duh duh!)

    Oh yeah, I have one of these Universal Studios California 1980's style! Got one with Conan and Red Sonja as some Cylons as well Use to go every weekend. (mom worked in data entry, the perks where free weekend passes for the kids.)
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      Very interesting article. I need to break down and buy the complete series of Thundarr on DVD.
      I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?


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        Has anyone made Thundarr figures yet? And if not, WHY NOT? I'd love me some of those.


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