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    Am I the only one around here looking forward to this movie? Look up the trailer on YouTube because I think the mods here will be rather upset if I link the video. I've never laughed so hard at a trailer in my life. Also, you might think twice before you let any kids see it with you. I've got a four-year-old and he's not watching this any time soon.

    Oh good god, the dust cloud. :S EEEWWWWW!!!! LMAO!!
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    Anything will be better than that other Dumb and Dumber er movie they made.

    I am glad to see the guys back together though!
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      I never watched the prequel. One day I had a wild notion a few years back to get the first one DVD because it'd be cheap at that point with Blu Ray on the rise. My wife got me a two pack with that and "The Mask". I had to take it back because I specifically wanted to watch the unrated version. Got quite a surprise when my cousin's boys stayed the night and we watched it the next morning with the extended scene where Sea Bass bursts in on Lloyd in the bathroom.

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      I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?


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        Looks like lots of fun is coming!


        • wallbie
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          I was about to post the link, but considering some of the conversations I've started on the ORG that got shut down just because Val or a mod didn't like some of the lines I liked to dance on when it came to "mature" subject matter and handling it like an adult along with the other participants in the conversation. I know this place isn't the ORG, but I've had a handful of He-Fans and She-Ravers get butthurt for finding something funny and even bringing attention to it when they found it too bawdy.

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        Just wondering has anyone else here seen orginal Dumb and Dumber - Unrated version? I have, liked it and I have it as in DVD. Here is some more infomation about this version:


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          The "Unrated" version is definitely better than the theatrical release.

          I would like to see them release an unrated version of Ace Ventura, featuring all of the deleted scenes featured on the TV versions.

          The prequel was passable, in my opinion. But nothing is better than actually getting the original actors back, for a new story.

          It probably wont happen, but it would be crazy if they ever made a Dumb & Dumber and Kingpin crossover.


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            After seeing this film. It was OK sequel with some fine jokes, but sadly they should added some new jokes than repeating some old stuff from orginal.


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              Saw it......fell asleep a few times. The only part that made me chuckle a little bit was the "Return Address" bit, but other than that it just wasn't funny to me.


              • GREP-A-TOR
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                Agreed, that made me laugh. After that it was lukewarm from there.

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