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Calling in sick for work

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  • Calling in sick for work

    It seems like people have mixed feeling about what is acceptable, and various methods on how to ensure a 'sick' day. Seems like every job I've ever had there is always at least a few people who are conveniently sick for any upcoming holiday, or any Saturday/Sunday morning. To me its a complete disregard for others, and I feel no sympathy for self imposed 'sickness'. As I'm the one usually covering for these people, I feel warranted in sometimes taking time for myself, and if that requires the stretching of the truth, then its okay from time to time.

    Personally I called in 'sick' for work about once every 2-3 months. I usually do it when I've asked for a day off and cannot get it, or a fellow coworker decides they are 'too sick' after their birthday party, or their room mates party, or their best friends birthday party to come in. So I bump my plans ahead a week and call in sick on a Thursday to give myself a long weekend. However I always make sure I'm not completely screwing over another coworker by checking to see if they can still get their days off.

    I've also learned that if you need a quick get out of jail card, tell your immediate supervisor or boss that you have terrible diarrhea. Diarrhea while being a completely natural, and common affliction, seems to make people really uncomfortable. They don't question it, they don't demand doctors notes. They just let you go....
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    I've been at my new job for 8 months. I don't call out sick for work unless I'm actually friggin' sick. I want to present myself as the guy who always comes in no matter what--bad cold, upset stomach, etc. If I am sick or have to call out for some huge emergency, then my supervisors wouldn't think the worst of me since I always make it in. "Oh, Mega's called out? I hope he's okay..."


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      I try to be the same way as you MGM...
      I never call in sick on the 'obvious' days, like the Friday before a long weekend or a day that is historically buy for us. I almost never call in sick when I'm actually sick, but if one of the kids are sick and my wife has a meeting she can't miss (usually she'll take the day off if one of the kids is sick because her job allows for extra days off to use specifically for those situations)


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