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  • Support The Sale of Adult Collectibles at TRU

    As some of you may have heard, a concerned busybody in Florida made the dubious claim that TRU was selling Breaking Bad action figures "alongside" children's toys.

    Personally, every TRU I have ever set foot in has the adult-oriented collectibles in a dedicated aisle.

    Unfotunately, TRU seems to have bowed to the whims of a braying minority, and agreed to remove the figures from their shelves.

    This should be disturbing to everyone, regardless of whether you are a fan of Breaking Bad. Why? Because now that the pattern of behavior and response is established, the malcontents have learned that all they have to do is whine to get something they don't like removed from the store. Sick of those scantily-clad wrestling toys? Gone. Decide that G.I. Joe glorifies violence? Outta there. Optimus Prime looked at you funny? So long!

    In any event, if you care about the brick-and-mortar availability of any action figures of any kind, sign this petition!
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    Signed. Hopefully thee's enough of us to cancel out the 'soccer moms'.


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      Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reacted for this too.

      Always there will be some people who overeact on things and causes such sillyness.

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        I saw this video on "The Young Turks". I say great on those 8'000 moms for standing up and getting a few silly plastic action figures from being sold at TRU! Their efforts will live on the Internet forever... and it won't make a difference in the development of their precious children. Some of them will indeed grow up to be drug fiends, rapists, murderers, drunks, and deadbeats!

        But good for them for sticking it to the tainted liberal media!

        PS: Aaron Paul's such a cool dude. Check him out during his pre-frame on The Price Is Right! Hilarious.
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          "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


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            Click image for larger version

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            "We must always value life. Even the life of one who opposes us." ― He-Man


            • PhantomZodak
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              yeah, he wasn't helping with these stupid tweets.

              he was blaming video games for being violent & was pushing that feminist nonsense of blaming barbie. if anything, trying to connect those things, would just make it harder for quality tv shows like his, which was filled with violence, drug use, prostitution, etc from getting on the air in the future.

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            Signed! This is just idiotic! If these mothers were really all that responsible, they wouldn't let their kids watch "Breaking Bad" to begin with. It's adult entertainment and the figures meant for adult collectors. Frankly, I can't see ANY young kids out there showing the slightest bit of interest towards the show OR the figures. They just look like ordinary guys in haz-mat suits. Big whoop. With all the real horrors taking place in the world, this seems pretty damn petty.


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              I just signed, not like I usually buy action figures from TRU nor that I watch the show, but I don't wanna see this concept spreading to other toy lines that I currently collect or may collect in the future.
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                I signed. This is stupid.
                "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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                  Signed as well, that stupid soccer mom needs to get laid


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                    a mom got them removed from the store, so what. they don't belong there. it's toys r us & those things are plastic statues, not toys or action figures. i don't like censorship either but these things aren't toys. our he-man toys should be there, not these crappy hunks of plastic. if an adult wants them, we can buy them online. we don't have to buy them at toysrus.

                    an online petition never accomplished anything, not even those "we the people" things. if she had tried to get them to stop making them, then i would be concerned.

                    should they be selling toys with drugs in them? i gotta agree, no. they shouldn't. the show didn't glorify drug use, but toy drugs without the context of the show? yeah, that's glorifying it.
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                      They're not meant for kids, it says so on the box plain as can be. Parents simply *do not think or look* when in places like the toy aisle. I think we all have had the shared experience at one point or another, be it with your own kids, nieces or nephews, little siblings... someone gets a little 1 or 2 year old a toy with fragile or sharp parts and the toys clearly is marked: "For ages 10 & up" and tthe gift giver didn't even look. I just don't have sympathy for parents who simply want to ignore their children's lives and let them go ape**** everywhere and demand that the rest of society police themselves "for the child's sake." This is Florida so we all know somebody is short a few common sense cells. Parents just don't read the boxes, plain and simple. There's a reason they have those age limits there, and lots of US tax dollars go into all of those tests & committees; but I guess mom and dad can't be bothered to look...

                      And anyway, first, who in their right mind would sell a BB toy to a kid? no one
                      Second would a kid even want an old man overpriced statue in a yellow jumpsuit? no
                      Third, TRU policies say they won't sell "M" items to people under 18 and they have to produce an ID. This also was true for their adult collectibles and toys with age limits, like most products in the store by Hasbro and Mattel. And it says so right on the big sign by the front of every store. But if you're too busy looking to be offended, then you'll miss it.

                      Aaron Paul brings up the best point of all:

                      What about all those violent video games just a few aisles over?
                      Doesn't Barbie do more harm to little girls than BB toys will for adults?
                      Or what about all of the content accessible via iPad, iPhone, Android, etc?
                      Or the Halloween costumes.
                      Friday the 13th, Predator, Aliens, all just as bad if not worse... why aren't those pulled?
                      If we're going there, then any military and WWE figures should be pulled because those promote violence. Also Twilight Barbies. Might as well pull all the candy too as it's unhealthy for the little ones. Anything that promotes cars as they destroy the sky. Anything that features fast food companies...

                      See where this toilet bowl swirl goes? While we can probably all agree that these things are probably all bad for kids, in some way, especially really little ones, does this mean that the other 75% of society needs to be prohibited from purchasing them too? Because when does that train of thinking for others stop? Before you know it we're all naked and banging rocks together in loincloths in the street, as you can find a "fault" with everything... books, movies, toys, games, food, clothes, housing, employment... because if Breaking Bad toys are bad for kids, then candy is worse, TV is worse, get rid of those first as they do far far more damage than Walter's blue crystal bag. If you look hard enough, you can find something to be pissed about, with everything! It's best to save that indignation for real problems, for when it really matters, instead of looking for problems when there are none.

                      And FYI- I am sorry for bringing up "politics" but this seems to be a deeply political topic in the US. And as such media is not honest with its audience... this isn't some "liberal" who's doing this... according to most sites who support this, she's a conservative. It's Florida dummies. Anytime I hear some dummy shout "Liberal Media" about this topic, you might as well get your dunce hat on and sit in the corner. That term is always used as a "deflector" to shift the blame to the opponent, when in actuality it is conservative groups calling for these toys to be removed. The vast majority of news agencies & blogs putting this in a positive light are conservative. And they almost all say she's a "libertard." Actually it doesn't matter where she slides on the spectrum, because it's only conservatives who are pushing this ban. So let's not play the red vs blue game especially when the only color here is stupid.

                      What is sad/funny to me is that in such a short time, they got so many signatures, yet with real, pressing problems like the mass exodus of civilian refugees in Syria and lack of Ebola funding worldwide, - real problems that those 8k people could have donated $5 or done anything, anything constructive about - they focus on the easy target like toys at the toy store. Even thinking locally, if one in twenty of those who signed rescued a shelter dog or cat... or donated $5 to their local food bank... or even topically donated a $1 to a drug rehab program... but of course they don't do that, because why create positive change when you can sit and complain about things that don't affect you, and have another big mac. But that's the Florida way I guess: if it doesn't affect you today personally it doesn't matter, so stay dumb, stay ignorant, stay lazy, and stay angry. Take the easy way out and click your way to change, who cares about people, it's for the children... It's pathetic.
                      “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist."― Salman Rushdie


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                        Originally posted by _RZ_ View Post
                        While we can probably all agree that these things are probably all bad for kids
                        no we do not.

                        video games are not "bad for you" neither is barbie. that is feminist, trollkeesian nonsense that helps no one. these false equivalences & strawman crap just helps dumb moms like this try to censor other things. aaron paul should stick to acting & not to logical arguments. he's not helping. he'll get his cut of the profits when people buy them on amazon or bigbadtoystore.



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                          Originally posted by PhantomZodak View Post

                          no we do not.

                          video games are not "bad for you" neither is barbie. that is feminist, trollkeesian nonsense that helps no one. these false equivalences & strawman crap just helps dumb moms like this try to censor other things. aaron paul should stick to acting & not to logical arguments. he's not helping. he'll get his cut of the profits when people buy them on amazon or bigbadtoystore.
                          I guess fast food is healthy, and reading is bad huh.

                          No video games aren't "bad for you" if you're a twentysomething. But a lot of stuff is clearly not meant for the little kids. But I don't think that playing Battlefront all day is going to get you a job, or keep you in shape. There's no way to justify banning the figures if they sell something just as bad 2 isles down.

                          Barbie clearly sends a negative influence for little girls, and has done so for decades. While maybe in the last ten years things have changed a bit, the damage is done, and that isn't "feminist" thinking anymore than your mentality is "fascist." I think there are other places that you can Google to see facts and studies about how this is the case. Or just ask a girl.

                          I'm sure Aaron Paul is not making a million dollars off of scalpers on Amazon and eBay LOL. He's speaking his mind just like you are...

                          My point (and Paul's) was that there's a lot more harmful stuff for kids, ment for adults & 17+ crowd, sold at TRU just an isle over. if the mom cant see that picking 1 over the other just to get tv attention is wrong, her opinion isnt worth listening to. Call me a "feminist" or whatever name you want to, it doesnt make your point any more valid or intelligent. You can Google all of the papers academia has written on the subject, and maybe change your mind like i did... or stay scared of girls and calling names, regurgitating talk radio vocabulary. TRU should sell the toys, otherwise its very hypocritical.
                          “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist."― Salman Rushdie


                          • Mechanizor
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                            You are clearly WISER here than some... ;-)

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                          i'll just leave this here:



                          • Shawn
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                            One is what Men want women to be and the other is what men want to be. I'm more concerned with what Women want to be absent of men's wishes.

                          • Mechanizor
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                            The differance is (in my own opinion), Barbie represents real life rich happy women, where He-Man is only a superhero fantasy character...

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                          Toy. Doll. Action Figure. Children's play thing, adult collectables, Bikes trains to video games It's he biggest TOY store there is.

                          I didn't "want" to grow up, however I did, at least in the way that matters. We have lots of cool plastic Idols that we all worship. Now look. Our gods communicate directly with us via twitter! That bothers me when I think about it to much, but look. TOYS! (We don't want to think to hard do we?) Seriously the idea that this thing belong hears and that thing belongs there is just silly to me. It's all just bullshit marketing tactics to trick morons and make shopping more easy for gullible parents. Your "adult collectable" is a freaking toy. If it moves it isn't a statue bro. That SLAVE Leia "action figure" is a DOLL. Pastels are not only colors Girls and Gays like. (Side note: girls who dress slutty are not asking for it just sayin...) However I have a healthy respect for women so...The suggested age is on the box. It's in the man child isle. (I say that proudly!) And if Toys R Us didn't carry them at brick and mortar retailer, I wonder if they would even exist at all.

                          Oh. PS to that writer of the Guardian article. Stop playing with Children colored plastic blocks...You sound ridiculous when you say Legos are for everyone but action figures are for boys and dolls are for girls. What is this the 1980's?
                          Oh. P.P.S: Re: Strawman...

                          and what does being fat have to do with ANY THING? I think we should accept everybody who isn't an obvious flaming troll. Fat shaming is like a thing, however that has little to do with toys unless we are talking about Amanda Waller JLU figure which is one of my favorite little plastic people ever.

                          republican (nobody is perfect...)
                          BAD ASS MOTHER ****ER WHO MADE BATMAN BLINK!

                          Mass produced by Mattel and sold at brick and mortar retail. More real and awesome because of her "imperfections" more then anything else. And if we are talking about things that shouldn't be sold or marketing to children. lets see she

                          Kidnapped and imprisoned children.
                          Made slave of child clone army and attempted to murder The Justice League.
                          Stole Batman's *****. ("DNA")
                          impregnated a married women with Bat-***** ("DNA")

                          Yeah. Walter White, for all he did I don't even come close to the criminal activity of Amanda Waller IMO...Nobody complained about all her HTF selling for double the price on Ebay action figure from 2009ish because of stupid moral panic...I get that Breaking Bad is more popular then JLU BTW...I'm just trying to use a similar comparison for the sake of illustrating the hypocrisy. No Straw men in this post (hopefully)
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                            What's the problem with doing drugs? My yet to be born children do it all the time and they're fine.
                            “Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech that you like, freedom of speech protects speech that you hate." ― Ron Jeremy


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