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Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer - George Lucas' Special Edition

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  • Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer - George Lucas' Special Edition

    Now with more Tie-Fighters!

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    And more Sandtroopers.


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      Could double as a trailer for Adywan's edition. :P
      Seriously, the guy out-Lucassed Lucas when it comes to horrid changes (and yet loads of fans drool over his butchery):

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      • _RZ_
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        Editing a comment
        I don't get that either man. For me Jaime Benning's "Star Wars Begins" is really the only fan-cut I think is quality- and it's more documentary/commentary track than a fan cut like this.

        I think for a lot of people, the big thing for this version is the color correction, and that alone is a reason to give it a shot. But it's too overdone and frankly looks bad even for 2007ish. The idea for the cinematography of the 1st Star Wars was not a cartoon, or 2000s-era CGI bright pure candy colors. The idea was REALISTIC colors and not the colors of the prequels or the Avengers movies. Sadly for Adywan blue sometimes can become black in different light- and it was meant to be that way in 1977. The Speed Racer movie's color palate might be cool and a preset in his video editing suite, but it doesn't work for ANH- it's completely at odds with the filmmaker's original intentions.

        The changes to Vader's voice, the bad quality continuity error corrections, horrible space scene changes, and the additions to make it fit in with the prequels are really bad though. I don't know if it's in that trailer but there's a few scenes where he photoshopped in C-3PO for no real reason, and it looks ridiculous. I'm a complete ANH nut- very hardcore!- and I was excited to see someone correct some of the continuity issues, some of the colors... I was willing to give the changes a chance! I made the mistake of watching it on a big tv through a good surround sound system loud, and you can hear the subwoofer "pops out" on some sound fx (especially Darth Vader's voice, and the death star escape scenes) in a really corny "dubstep" kind of way, it's tough to describe if you've never heard it for yourself, and you can't hear it in stereo or on a laptop. It's like a wop-wop low-end thing that is mixed so loud you wonder if anyone even listened to it with a sub to test it out. If you're looking to "restore" Jimi Hendrix's Monterey Pop set, you don't make Jimi's coat from red to white, and you don't add notes to Jimi's guitar solos, or extra flames to the guitar on fire!

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      That is hilarious!!!!
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        LOL, that was awesome, especially with the double Tri-Saber!


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          Saw this the other day!
          I love Oscar Issac dodging the laser blast!
          and the r2-d2/rock reference, great deep cut there.
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