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Avengers" Age of Ultron, official trailer #2

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  • Avengers" Age of Ultron, official trailer #2

    Looks great thus far!

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    That was really cool. It looks like a few characters from Thor and Black Panther comics were thrown into the mix. I believe that the woman dropping her robe and entering a pool of water is a Thor character. The pool is probably the one from the comics used to see into the future. There is a clip of Thor in water too and he is screaming, so the future can't look too good.
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      Looks good and I bet this gonna be one of darker Marvel Studios movies yet.


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        It will be okay way to kill 2 hours and eat some buttered popcorn.


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          Guys, I would not feel the need to see this in the theater immediately. Watch it at your own leisure and avoid the crowds.

          No spoilers here, so read away.

          I don't even think it needs to be seen on the big screen, if your home TV's can display large scale video game graphics, it can handle the subpar CGI in Avengers II.

          This is the worst CGI rendering of the Hulk out of any movies he has been in thus far.

          It made me like just about all of the actors playing the superheros less. The exception being Captain America, they actually use stuntmen instead of CGI is most of his scenes and his acting is believable. Trust me, I am no fan of Captain America, and for me to find him as the lone bright spot of this stapled together sequel.....well, it was as surprising as it was disappointing.
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            avengers: age of ultron by ThePowerSword, on Flickr


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              I've got to agree with Grep. I left the theatre feeling disappointed. I don't know, maybe I was too hyped for this movie going in? Without giving anything away, I hated Ultrons portrayal in this film. Spader does a better Ultron impersonation on The Blacklist each week IMO. My kids loved it though, so I'll be picking it up on blu ray when it comes out for them, I'll watch it again then, maybe I won't dislike so much after a second viewing. But as of right now, it just might be my least favourite MCU movie to date.


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