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Target pulls the plug in Canada

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  • Target pulls the plug in Canada

    Really crappy news today as Target is closing it's 133 stores in Canada. Almost 18,000 jobs gone.

    I preferred going to Target. Our small town Target didn't have as much inventory as the bigger city's stores, but it was better than going to a messy dump lime most Walmarts around here with merchandise strewn about everywhere.

    Too bad Target didn't wait until they had an online ordering system set up. Us Canadians couldn't buy a thing on only look for store locations or at the weekly flyer.

    I had been buying my Marvel Legends figures there. It was nice to not have to pay shipping charges, at least for some of the action figures I buy.
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    Wow. I am surprised I did not hear anything leading up to this. I mean, I need to find out what changed this past year and quarter for this to be announced.

    I prefer Target to most places - especially Walmart. In a pinch I can find some produce, a bottle of wine and a birthday card.
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      And here in the city that I live in, they've opened up a couple of Targets in the span of two years, go figure!... However the toy isles of both locations are kinda dismal, considering they've closed our TRU years ago and we don't have a major toy vendor around without driving for miles.


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        I can't say that I am too surprised by this. I had high hopes when I heard that Target was coming to Canada. I had been to a few Target stores in the US, and I always liked the selection they had there. Unfortunately, the Target stores in Canada never had the same type of selection that they did south of the border. It just wasn't the same.
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