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Mythic Legions Action Figures by the Four Horsemen

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  • Mythic Legions Action Figures by the Four Horsemen

    The Four Horsemen have a cool Kickstarter running right now to start up a new action figure line! Mythic Legions is a planned line of beautifully detailed and fully articulated 6" scale fantasy action figures.


    It’s been almost a year to the date since we first debuted our Mythic Legions line at our 2014 Toypocalypse show, and a lot has changed in that year. The characters have changed, the number of characters sculpted has almost doubled, and after a year of debate amongst fans (and amongst us here at the studio too!) so has the line’s scale. After a lot of thought, analysis, and consideration we are proud to officially announce that Mythic Legions is officially a 6??? scaled line!

    We know that there are going to be a lot of questions about the decision, so we wanted to touch on some of the reasons that we ultimately went in this direction:

    The success of our Raven figures. The overwhelming response to the Raven pre-order this year only confirmed further the appetite for highly detailed 6??? figures that our fanbase has. The Raven figures are far and above our highest selling figures to date, and that is a statistic that we simply could not ignore.

    -Our past releases: Over the years all of our fantasy themed figures have been done in a 6??? scale. We’ve invested so much time, energy, and money creating a solid collection of figures at that scale, that it would be tough to lose compatibility and access to those resources. This really became apparent to us when we first received our 6??? scaled display bases from the factory. We’ve talked about doing a high quality display base for years, and now we will have one ready to go for Mythic Legions!

    -Price/Value: This is absolute biggest part of the equation. When we got into pricing these figures out the numbers were not working out when it came to doing these at 4???. These are complex figures with a lot of parts and accessories, and the paint is very elaborate. With all of that factored in, the prices for 6??? figures and the prices for 4??? figures were very similar. What that means for customers is that you’d be paying basically the same price (give or take a dollar or two) for either scale. In the end we just didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do to overcharge for a 4??? figure when we could give a fair price for a 6??? figure.

    So there you have it! We’ve been working on this line for almost two years now, and it’s transformed and grown almost the entire time. This decision wasn’t an easy one, and it was certainly not made without careful consideration. One of the primary reasons that we were excited about 4??? was that we wanted to do large scale figures and mounts, and just because the line is moving to 6??? that is not going to change. It will be more of a challenge, but we are more committed than ever to building an entire world with Mythic Legions full of figures and beasts with wide-ranging sizes and shapes. We already have some BIG things in the works!

    The Mythic Legions Kickstarter is still on track for the second week of February, so please keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements, and remember to check us out at, on Facebook at, and on Instagram - @Four_Horsmen_Studios

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    Who can afford those with all the money Matty gets from us every year?
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      The Skeleton Warriors look cool. I would buy a few of those for Skeletor's army.
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        So it seems they decided to listen to the fans and make these approx. 6" scale.
        I mostly collect 3.75" scale so I would have gotten these either way, but good on them for seeing that the fandom wanted these badly just in larger size.

        I'm totally in for at least a few (everyone loves skeleton warriors) but wow it seems like an extremely high price for only 2 figures International, and these are supposedly smaller/less heavy than the Ravens? The US prices are much more reasonable, but the internationals seem like there is a "outside USA" tax... of double the price for shipping? Can it really be over $100 for two 6" figures shipped? Am i missing something?
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        • Croc-O-Bite!
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          Maybe they're going to be using Digital River?


        • Vahn
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          When you go to the Kickstarter page, at the bottom they have a bunch of 'Add-Ons,' where the prices drop dramatically. After your initial pledge of $30 or more (for whichever figure or other reward you choose), you can increase your pledge by the amount of the 'Add-On' to get an even better deal, for those of us who want more than one figure.

          For example:
          "STANDARD SKELETON 6-PACK: US add $95 / international add $105"
          This means that for a total of $125 you could have 7 Skeleton Warriors (that's less than $18 per figure!), or for $220 you get 13 of them ($17 per figure)!!!

          And remember, 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figures are sold at $12 and up right now, so you really can't beat this deal!

        • _RZ_
          _RZ_ commented
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          Thanks Vahn... I missed the add-ons at the bottom. Not so sure I still could say that the prices "dramatically" drop for those of us *outside the US* until you get well over $150... Just two basic figures alone are stil $78 to my address, before VAT... which will bring it up over $100 again easily. Shipping to me is always expensive, but if you are like me, who only wants 1-2 figures, it's just too much. I don't have room or want 10+ of these guys without having at least one in hand first.

          In the past 4H have never done the crappy "Non-Yankee Tax" at their store. This is where s/h is increased to "make up for the hassle" of shipping outside the US, and essentially gauge non-US residents. It has been a common game many onlines stores have started playing since the US Customs policy changes a few years back. The first item will be based on weight, and the second item will be the weight in addition to a "packing fee" applied, usually making it double the price. The third item will have this "fee" added too and many stores will only stop adding the fee after an item count is ten or more or over a set $$ amount. So what costs the store $50 in s/h and packing, they will charge over $100+. This is often used to get International customers to "add on" to their purchase and buy more to "make up" for the hassle of having to fill out customs forms. On a small scale, you're paying a seller for the "hassle" of going to a post office; on the large scale, you're paying the store an extra fee to do what they do for their US customers, because they can.

          Guess I'll just have to team up with someone army building in the US.

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        I would reallyy love to collect these, but I have no space left in my tiny apartment! These and the Ravens look absolutely fantastic, too bad I have to miss on them because of the space restrictions!


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          The sculpts are cool, but they are really, really generic, so much so that I just can't get excited about them.

          Carpathias is my favorite, but he could seriously benefit from a few changes. Exposed feet and clawed hands for a start, and a cape to make him more regal and seperate him from the generic human hero. Some bat-like wings could work as well, but a cape would suffice.
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          • GREP-A-TOR
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            You really think they look generic? Take a look at MOTUC Sy-Klone, then look at these.

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