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  • The Weight of Blood and Bones

    Howdy He-Fans!

    My wife Mary and I attended the 11th Hollywood Short Film festival last Thursday at the Chinese Theater for the screening of THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD AND BONES. I play the bad guy Jeff Ake from the story based on Zane Gray's classic western tale, The Last Duane. The short film stars Jason Patrick, Rose McGowan, Danny Trejo and Mark Boone Junior. Director Chris Ekstein and producers Stacy Ekstein and Kevin Ragsdale assembled a great team, including award winning Director of Photography Nancy Schreiber for an iconic western look. I got to play a terrific role that included lots of horse and whip action too. There's talk by director Chris Ekstein of finishing the short film as a full-length feature. Works for me.

    Here's two pictures from the set at Melody Ranch where they've been filming westerns since the 1930's. Hallowed ground in my book.

    Here's two pictures from the Red Carpet ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

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    That looks like a great western! Great cast in that film. I hope it does get made into a feature.
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      That looks amazing - I'm definitely interested seeing more

      Also, it's awesome that you're posting here!

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        Welcome to boards, Anthony. Good westerns are so rare these this is going on the must watch list. Thank you for informing us about it.


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          Cool! Thanks for posting!!!


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            Oh wow, it's great to see Mr. De Longis joining our little escape!

            I'm not into Westerns anymore, but I'd like to give this one a shot.


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              Thanks for sharing , you really look the part as a cowboy . And it's always fun to play the bad guy


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                Welcome aboard Mr.De Longis.
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