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What Non-MOTU Toys Do You Collect?

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  • What Non-MOTU Toys Do You Collect?

    While I'm sure a great deal of us still purchase MOTU toys(whether that be vintage figures or current MOTUC releases), what other toys do you currently get?

    As of now, I seem to only be collecting toys that are available online exclusively. My current interests are:

    Mystical Warriors Of The Ring: I loved M.U.S.C.L.E. as a kid and really love this new line from Markatisu's Fantastic Plastic which is pretty much M.U.S.C.L.E. if they were all anthropomorphic animals.

    Mordles: While I had never heard of the 1980's Rocks & Bugs & Things or the Mordles that came from it, I do love these releases from Toyfinity so far.

    Robo Force: While I didn't have a lot of these from the 80's, I'd always liked them. While they are definitely different than the releases from Ideal, I do like the new versions from Toyfinity.

    Realm Of The Underworld: So far I like this line from Zoloworld more for their vintage MOTU style than the Remco fantasy lines they are obviously based on.

    Power Lords: I never got any of this line as a kid, but I do like what the Four Horsemen have released so far.

    The Outer Space Men: This line from the Four Horsemen seems to be wrapping up but I have a lot of affection for it even though the original series was around years before I was even born.

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    I don't collect action figures from any other lines at the moment. I enjoy collecting toy Batmobiles from the movies and the 60s TV show.
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      I used to collect almost all of the 80's toys at one time or another; G.I. Joe, Sectaurs, Centurions, Power Lords, etc. I even had some Galoob Golden Girl toys floating around at one time. Recently, over the past few years, I have been selling them off because they just never held the appeal for me, nor the memories, that MOTU did. I still have all of my MOTU stuff from my youth but every now and then, when I search through the storage boxes, I find one or two forgotten gems from 30 years ago.


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        I started collecting vintage Kenner Star Wars stuff 20 years ago, but lost interest after the property became popular again in the early 90's. I was recently collecting Kenner Super Powers, until I completed that collection... so now I just collect MOTUC.


        • Anti-Guru
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          I suppose I could take some pictures down the road.

        • Mr. Shokoti
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          My only problem with Super Powers is that Kenner started making up characters for it when there were still so many great characters left in the DCU without a toy.

        • Novelty
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          While you are at it Anti-Guru, I'd like to see pictures of your MotUC as well if that's not too much trouble

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        Hasbro WWF and various Super Mario toys. But I tend to buy almost anything vintagish if nothing I really look for can be found from flea markets.
        I would still buy the infamous Stick-Man in all other lines but Classics


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          Marvel Legends, and some Star Wars, G.I. Joes and WWE figs. I guess you could add DCUC to that list but there are only a few figs I'm missing there. I also collect Heroclix.


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            Motu only I don't collect anything else but I wouldn't mind collecting vintage thundercats too


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              Star Wars Black 6"
              Transformers Masterpiece, select G1 and select G1 based Classics / Universe / RTS / Generations
              Transformers ROTF, HFTD, and a couple plans for AOE stuff
              TMNT Classics
              Ghostbusters 6"
              Thundercats Classic....Lion-O....
              Hot Wheels

              And that is why I said with the 2015 price increase I won't be subbing again, I don't want to pay the raised price or inflated shipping for a full year and I have too many other lines I collect. Plus I'm almost out of figures in the line I have to have.


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                I have too many interests to find the money for what most vintage lines go for, but I wouldn't mind trying for some Super Powers, LJN Thundercats, and Gobots (yes, while I liked the pre-movie Transformers cartoon, I always liked Gobots more).


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                  Stuff I'm still actively collecting =

                  Transformers Masterpiece figures (and and third party figures that fit in): but only G1 characters & even then I'm mostly just going to stick to season 1 characters.

                  Marvel Legends: only Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four, or Iron Man related figures

                  DCIE: only the last remaining figures to go that are Batman, Flash, or Superman related

                  TMNT Classics: this is the only line that I'm "all in" like MOTUC, which is pretty easy to do at the pace Playmates is going at.


                  • shadowfall1976
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                    Too bad Bandai screwed the pooch with Thundercats, I was really looking forward to Panthro and Cheetara, now all I have is Lion-O because I didn't bother to buy Tygra....And the 6" scale Lion-O looked like crap. Let's pimp the hell out of Loser Rangers what I consider a Voltron rip off, but beat Thundercats a much better brand into the damn ground.

                    But at least Playmates are up on the game with the TMNT bad LJN isn't around anymore to do TC Classic.

                    And I am so glad Takara stepped up the Masterpiece line finally and included more than tons of Seeker and Prime redos, hearing the news of the 280Z boys back when really sent me into panic attack mode waiting for them to finally be released, now I am reliving it all over again waiting for Magnus and Wheeljack....and really dying for Mirage, Hound and Jazz.
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                  • Croc-O-Bite!
                    Croc-O-Bite! commented
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                    Yeah, I was all ready to collect those Thundercats too, but I just couldn't do it once I saw them in person. Despite the reviews letting me know before hand, I kept trying to convince myself that "maybe they're not that bad & you need to see them for yourself first for final judgement", well that final judgment was swift. lol

                    I'm looking forward to all those TF's as well. Not sure how I'm going to pay for Magnus though, especially since I've got Fanstoys Scoria pre-ordered and I doubt I'll be able to resist their Swoop once it's fully revealed.

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                  Besides MOTUC, I get:

                  Transformers Masterpiece
                  I'm mostly after the 1984-1985 G1 cast (although I like the 1986 movie characters, I hate the futuristic time period). I prefer my TFs on "modern day" earth.

                  Transformers Generations
                  I collected this line before I got into Masterpiece TFs. Nowadays, I see this line as getting the comic book versions of the characters.

                  Marvel Universe
                  I barely collect this line now. Hasbro is more interested in Marvel Legends and the retail stores BARELY carry new waves.


                  • Mr. Shokoti
                    Mr. Shokoti commented
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                    "(although I like the 1986 movie characters, I hate the futuristic time period). I prefer my TFs on "modern day" earth."

                    Besides all of the death just to clean house for new toys(I feel Sunbow & Hasbro were far more guilty of this than any other animation or toy company), this was my big problem with the Transformers movie too. I was more into the MOTU & G.I. Joe franchises as a kid, but I still feel the pre-movie TF was one of the most enjoyable toons of the 80's.

                    I rarely look at retail toys these days, but I'm surprised to hear about this change with Hasbro's Marvel lines. I thought Legends was considered a failure post-ToyBiz and Marvel Universe was their main focus for Marvel toys. I guess things have changed in the last few years.

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                  The only other thing I'm actually collecting is Lego.

                  Other toylines that I'll buy if something catches my eye include Transformers (including 3rd Parties), Trash Pack, and the random figure here or there when I need to get a toy fix.
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                  • pH6
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                    Someone who's seen Toy A Day could be fooled to believe you have collections of both Marvel and DC from various lines - and everything that glows-in-the-you-know?

                  • Novelty
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                    I don't collect those Mr. fra Oulu. I just buy what I like

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                  I guess I'm boring. But the only thing thing I love & collect is MOTU. I just have no desire to have or collect anything else.


                  • Novelty
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                    Nothing boring about that. That's one of the best looking toy lines that does not transform into vehicles to collect at the moment.

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                  Aside from MOTUc I also collect: 1980's motu and 200X. TMNT 1980's 200X and some present ones. DC Direct, Marvel Select and Marvel Legends. I also have a collections of vintage 1990's marvel toybiz,kenner super powers),kenner legends of dark knight,street sharks and bravestarr.


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                    I collect GI Joe, mostly the ARAH O-Ring guys and customs. The occasional Masterpiece Transformer. Anything that catches my eye and I can display, or will eventually display.

                    MOTUC is my main passion right now.
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                    Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


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                      I'm pretty much a hardcore LEGO enthusiast (I collect, design, build, sell...)


                      • GREP-A-TOR
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                        Do you have a leather jacket and beat up other Lego enthusiasts? If not, than you are not hardcore.

                      • Mechanizor
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                        Sorry, LEGO bondage isn't my thaaang. I'll leave that to you to explore it. :-)

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                      Truthfully, I get a kick out of LEGO. But It's too expensive.


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                        Originally posted by Anti-Guru View Post
                        Truthfully, I get a kick out of LEGO. But It's too expensive.
                        It is and it can be a very very expensive hobby, especially if you're an avid builder (customizer), however if you know what you're doing, many of the themes and exclusive sets can hold their value pretty well and they can become a good investment.


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                          Other than MOTU (now trademarked by Brian Ozone )...

                          I was collecting WWE Jakks Pacific until it went to Mattel. (just wanted consistency)

                          I occasionally pick up a Transformers Masterpiece here and there (if the price is right)

                          The 1966 Batman series

                          McFarlane Toys Yankees figures

                          And once in awhile if I see an amazing piece whether it be a statue, figure or etc., I may pick it up if I can get a good price or deal.


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                            Yeah, I love LEGO, but it is SOOOOOOOO expensive. My son is currently hooked on Chima and I just dropped $100 on one set. Ouch.
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                              Originally posted by Draego-Man View Post
                              Yeah, I love LEGO, but it is SOOOOOOOO expensive. My son is currently hooked on Chima and I just dropped $100 on one set. Ouch.
                              Yup, I'm a also huge Legends of Chima fan simply because I love Fantasy characters, and finally I'm able to customize a World of Warcraft-esque style theme of my own. As for how much I spent on LEGO thus far, it's a scary number, let's say I could've bought a very nice European sports car!


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                                I have tons of collections but currently I'm actively collecting:
                                Mighty Max
                                Anything Batman related in the 6-7inch scale
                                Anything Batgirl- statues, dolls, anything
                                NECA movie based figures that strike my fancy, usually RoboCop, Rambo, Predator, and Aliens
                                Mystical Warriors of the Ring, October Toys Mini figures, and other minis
                                Batman Legos
                                Some 1/18th Star Wars figures
                                Random Horror Toys

                                I've recently decided to halt my collecting of TMNT, Star Wars Black, and horror themed Lego figures.


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                                  Now days I collect these of toys:
                                  Trash Pack - Getting two pack of each series. One I open and let loose. And one for I keep in unopened.
                                  Hot Toys - Just one figure so far.


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                                    So many things. Too many things.

                                    I collect Marvel Comics Thor figures, swag, die-cast, vinyl, whatever. If its Thor or has his name or image on it, I am there. Similarly will grab anything related to DC Comics Lobo, though that is a much, much smaller pool of merchandise.

                                    I keep saying I'm done with Marvel Legends, but then Hasbro keeps putting out really awesome figures like the new Black Cat, Baron Zemo, and the ScarJo Black Widow. So I must admit I am still pretty much a collector of MLs, albeit a cherry picker.

                                    I would like to collect G.I. Joes, if the line wasn't in some weird undead status...? I collect the line when it is available to collect, and I can find it.

                                    I am winding down on Transformers, but still grab one every once in a while. I'll always grab any version of Blackarachnia, Skywarp or Shockwave/Shockblast, as they are my homiez. Am absolutely in love with the Beast Wars characters Emiliano has designed for Hasbro.

                                    The last line I completed was the Lego Monster Fighter series. It was finite, though, so can't say I am really collecting it still - although am trying to put together a MIB set of the series. I have picked up minifigs that fit in with the Monster Fighters theme, and will continue to do so as they become available.

                                    Other than that, I still grab any figure that catches my eye, either for cool factor, amusement, or just 'cause. Recently scored NECA's Motorized Patriot from Bioshock Infinite, because RoboGeorge Washington? Yespleasethankyou. I used to do a lot of customizing, and now use those skills to "rescue" figures, such as a Final Fantasy VIII Odin I bought on Ebay with a broken neck. Five minute fix and he's been guarding my desk ever since.

                                    Not every beast is tender, especially if there is genius in his making.


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