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    They must've made tons of these guys. They are all I see in toy stores anymore. I mean in my area, 3 different wal-marts had an entire isle of them from marvel to star wars.

    The crazy thing for me is, at first I thought they looked blocky and just weren't my style. Then my nephew has a few and gets even more for his birthday and he has this giant collection.

    I actually watched him play for hours with them and I was just amazed at how much he kept switching parts and whatnot.

    Anyways, that part of it is cool and the variety deserves kudos.

    Have you guys seen these and what is your opinion?

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    I never heard of them or seen them before, since I don't actually visit that many toy stores anymore, however after checking them out on line, I think they are amazing in concept!

    I think a MOTU line of these would be awesome, not only the figures, but also the vehicles and beasts! You could do a lot of custom creations with their parts without messing with knives, paint or glue!

    <--- Must be my second evil "post" on HMW! LOL


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      Something like this would be pretty cool for Masters of the Universe. I came across the Soundwave in the Transformers line today, and was impressed by how cool he looked. As someone who enjoys customizing, this is a cool concept.

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        Have seen these recently, and actually bought the Star Wars Bossk figure. Diamond Select did something similar to this in their Mini-mates line (something that they originally wanted to heavily incorporate into their rebranded Battle Beasts line) which I didn't like for various reasons... mostly disliked the sculpts. These are much better quality and aesthetic wise.

        A good handful of brands out there could benefit from this type of design.


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          It seems to be a popular figure body type.

          whether it's super heroes(marvel), transformers or dinosaurs.

          kind of neat.

          wwe figures now have there version tooooo(o).

          think tmnt has their version also.

          a masters version? give it a shot.


          • Andy
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            Hell yeah!

            The wwe are cool. MotU would be just as cool...and compatible!

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          I've never seen these before. These are pretty awesome! Something like this could be cool for army builder sets.
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            They are working very well. Hasbro is expanding them to all their lines, there was a huge display for the Mashers Dinosaurs in San Diego and both Star Wars and Marvel have lot of products coming.
            I've been working on a few myself, especially vehicles and accessories, and they are super cool.
            These 2 are some of those I collaborated to:

            Something like that for MOTU would be awesome. Unfortunately, being those by Hasbro, they wouldn't be compatible. But Mattel has been trying to keep up with some Wrestilng figures.


            • Andy
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              The wrestling ones look nice next to MotU Classics.

              Mattel would be smart to use the same concept and trickle MotU back into retail.

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            These are really cool. This is totally something that Mattel should do with He-Man. I could also see something like this doing very well for Princess of Power.
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              i just bought a couple of those & will probably buy more SW mashers. a consistent style for transformers, star wars & marvel?! it's hard not to buy them all, they are really cool.


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