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Gods of Egypt - Official Trailer

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  • Gods of Egypt - Official Trailer

    New trailer for the upcoming GODS OF EGYPT film. Directed by Alex Proyas (The Crow,Dark City).

    Film is out February 26th, 2016.
    Click image for larger version

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    Not bad. CGI looked a bit rough in a few spots. Definitely has a He-Man vibe to it.
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      ...wait, are they seriously suggesting that the Egyptians worshiped a mess of strikingly lily-white gods?

      ...that's...certainly a unique and, y'know, horrifically racist notion.
      Not every beast is tender, especially if there is genius in his making.


      • Dark Angel
        Dark Angel commented
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        My bad, there's one, token black "god." That makes it all better!

      • rothsauce
        rothsauce commented
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        There's a handful of people with mixed descent as part of the main cast, actually. Most of whom are Australian.

      • Captain Atkin
        Captain Atkin commented
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        The actress playing Hathor (see poster) is Cambodian. The actor playing Thoth (see poster) is black. The actress playing Anat is black. The Priest in the film is black. There are also a number of Bollywood actors from India appearing in the film. The principal cast is a multi-racial cast.

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      That looks amazing, cannot wait to see it.

      Dark Angel, many Egyptians today still look white with colored eyes and light blondish/brown hair, just like the many who live in Central and South America.


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        Yep, would def check this out in theaters. Mythos focusing outside of roman/greek figures are rather lacking... in movies at least. Starting to make more appearances in comics though, and oddly televised series.


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          Just now seeing this thread.

          I've now seen this trailer and it looks interesting. probably not going to see it.


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            I just purchased this movie from iTunes despite the bad reviews (Since I missed it in the movie theater), and I was a little hesitant and expecting the worst, but lo and behold, I liked a lot!...

            Yes the CGI was a bit of an overkill in this one, but that's exactly what I was expecting, and honestly I was pleased with the "anime like" visuals. The story was nothing spectacular of course, a little cheesy, straight forward and was easy to follow, much like the Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans...

            Honestly, I'd be more than happy if the new MOTU movie was produced on that level.


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              I will trust your judgement Mech, and I'll check it out this long weekend.


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                Originally posted by Croc-O-Bite! View Post
                I will trust your judgement Mech, and I'll check it out this long weekend.
                It's similar in vibe to the new Clash of the Titans, the Mummy and John Carter in production and tone... But if you're expecting 300 meets Game of Thrones, this one might not be for you.
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