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Warcraft; the official movie trailer.

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  • Warcraft; the official movie trailer.

    In case if you've missed it:

    Now, that's one movie I'm very eager to see next year.

    PS, I don't know if this was posted here before by me or others, the search feature didn't show anything listed!

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    Might be decent, looks better than I expected. As long as there are at least 30 minutes of fight scenes I will be pleased.
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      I just came back from the movie theater, and saw it in IMAX, and it was good... Not great, but not bad either. The plot was decent and it was an introductory to the World of Warcraft. The CGI and the sceneries were epic and well executed.
      On the other hand, the acting was a little weak, some of the Orc dialogue was hard to understand and the battles could've been more epic and longer. It had its slow moments, but probably were a little necessary to explain the story for those who don't know much about this world.

      I never played the video games, but I read and enjoyed most of the comics, and definitely looking forward to the sequels of this franchise. I'm gonna watch it one more time before purchasing the movie when it comes out on Blu-Ray or iTunes.
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        I just saw the movie again, and enjoyed it even more!... Sadly there are still a few hiccups here and there that were poorly integrated in the movie, hopefully an extended edition could be releases to balance out those weak parts.

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