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    It's not often you hear the two in the same same sentence but believe it or not there is a small but rapidly growing comic book community in South Africa. In the past few years more and more creators are publishing their own books. We don't have any companies down here like DC, Marvel or Image that will publish and distribute local comics so we have to do it ourselves and sell and promote our wares ourselves. However Indie Comics SA is a local website trying to solve the issue of finding local content as well as promoting it and selling it. Check it out here:

    Here a few titles currently on the site:

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    so no superhero stuff?

    Superheroes not big down there?


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      So far only Kwezi, although they aren't on this website yet -

      The closest on the ICSA site is Super-Dud but thats more of a parody of the genre.
      FYI - SA artist Sean Izaakse illustrates Stray ( and Jason Masters is on James Bond

      Once I have cleared my plate of a few things I intend to do some superhero stuff...

      I highly recommend Pigeon City.. hilarious!


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        Pigeon City scares me.


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