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Star Wars Rogue One official teaser trailer.

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  • Star Wars Rogue One official teaser trailer.

    In case if you've missed it:

    This one feels also a lot like the Old Trilogy, 8 more months to go!

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    Looks very promising.


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      I think what I will love about these tie-in movies is that despite the inevitable outcome, these will have the challenge to take us on a predestined journey and find that way to still wow us! I'm ready Donny Yen... Forest Whitaker... of HELL YEAH!!!


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        That is an awesome trailer. Mon Mothma is the same Mon Mothma we (kind of) saw in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, actress Genevieve O'Reilly. Lucas cut her scenes out of the film, but you can find them on Youtube. Cool to see that the actress got to play the part again.
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          I wonder if some of these new characters would show up in the chronological saga like episode 8 or 9?

          From what I've been hearing, Disney is planning to make a Star Wars movie every Christmas!


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            Another STRONK WOMAN vehicle, with Death Star included. Directed by the guy who gave us 15 minutes of monster fighting in a Godzilla movie. Where are the Bonthans? Where are the aliens? Where are the space ship battles> Diversity does not mean you have to substitute aliens with ethnic humans.
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            Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


            • RoboSteveo
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              There have been a number of pictures posted online of aliens appearing in the new film.
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            • D.M.
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              Oh, yes, Star Wars never had ''stronk women'' before. Pay no attention to stuff like Leia taking a blaster rifle out of Lukes hands to blast stormtroopers and Leia using a CHAIN to STRANGLE a GIANT SLUG creature...

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            GREP you have some good points in your argument, but this is only a teaser trailer, we still have a good amount of time to get a better scope on how the movie is shaping up!...

            When I saw all the trailers of episode 7, still I couldn't tell before hand that it's almost episode 4 but in a different time line!


            • GREP-A-TOR
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              I have no faith in Disney at this point. No faith in Star Wars anymore. 4 crap movies in a row. If they make a bounty hunter movie is Boba Fett going to be a stronk woman too? Will IG-88 be cut out to include an Indian 17 year old pan-sexual Pakistani(implied)?

              INB4 ''Problematic Bigot''. I thought Finn was OK and Poe stole some scenes. If you are not a completely wooden miscast cog or Mary Sue, I am willing to give anyone and everyone the benefit of the doubt.

              ''I Rebel''.

              Someone wake me up, it's the ghost of George Lucas.

              RoboSteveo commented
              Today, 05:34 AM
              There have been a number of pictures posted online of aliens appearing in the new film.

              OK - thanks for the pics and links man, appreciate it. I don't see any. Did they ret-con wonky eyed black men as Bothans?

              Without Deadpool, I haven't seen a decent movie since last November.
              Mad Max (feminist innuendos aside)
              Terminator Genisys.
              Kinda sorta - The Martian and Inside Out

            • Mechanizor
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              I don't think episode 7 was a crappy movie, it had a disappointing plot and some weak moments, but overall it was enjoyable, and the more I watch it the more I like it, and Harrison Ford made it a lot more attractive IMO.

              Disney has always been big on the female lead characters through out their history, and that could be a concern in the Star Wars universe, but I'll reserve my judgment until I see more...

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            It would not surprise me if we saw Senator Organa (Princess Leia's adopted father) in the film. Especially since this film deals with the plans for the Death Star.

            It is also a safe bet that Darth Vader and the Emperor are in the film.

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