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  • I Recently Met Someone...

    My family and I went to Planet Comicon in Kansas City on Friday, May 20th. Take a look at the first picture and you'll understand why.

    I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?

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    Awesome! Stan lee is the best

    Love the outfit! Hope he signed your Standor figure
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      Glad you had a fun time.

      I just read the other day that stan lee is going to start cutting back on appearances. so you might have lucked out.


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        That is awesome! I'd love to meet Stan Lee.

        Also... that is REALLY COOL that you got your original mini-comics signed by Mark Texeira!
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          I'm not a fan of Mr. Stan Lee's persona per-se, but it's actually very cool that you met him and took a family pic with him... Your singed mini-Comics by Mark Texeira on the other hand is simply wonderful.


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            If I hadn't met Stan Lee, Mark Texeira would've been the highlight of the con. That was something I did early on, and everything else paled in comparison. That's like our first con's highlights were Kevin Conroy putting my son on his shoulders, even asked his permission before hand. Also, Jason David Frank taking the time to see my son at his booth and take a picture after we missed the first half of his meet and greet. My boy got to meet him again and got another autograph at Kansas City.

            Although I did find a 90% complete Eternia for $800. The one I've had since I was five is 99.9% complete, has a beaten up box and currently calls the top of my washing machine its home. LOL Seriously, I came really close to getting a 200X role play sword for $20 that I'd never seen before. The guy selling it assured me it works. Anyway, we had other priorities with our money. Some of those you can see in this shot. For some reason it's not letting me upload more than one picture this time.
            I make my own MOTU video games. Wanna see?


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