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    I know it's fake but it has some entertainment. I have watched wrestling ever since I can remember. My uncle took me to an event and I got to see Andre the Giant tag team with Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and I was instantly hooked.

    For some reason I wasn't ever much of a Hogan fan but I was a Macho Man fan. He just played the perfect bad guy and with Miss Elizabeth he had a certain it factor, plus the elbow drop was a thing for it's time.

    Later on I followed Sting, then the Ultimate Warrior, the Undertaker, eventually Rob Van Dam.

    Then the Benoit tragedy happened and it broke my wrestling spirit for a while.

    I picked it back up a few years ago because of the toys. I don't get to watch it twice a week or even own the network but I do read up what I don't watch.

    It definitely isn't like it used to be, the storylines could use work but the moves are far more advanced than the old eras.

    They had a draft last night to shake things up and to make room for the new talent to showcase

    Anyways, I figured that most folks have seen at least one wrestling match in their life or have heard of a few wrestlers and maybe spark some conversations.
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    I like wrestling. I have the wwe network.

    I've been preoccupied lately so I haven't been able to watch it like I normally do.

    What I like to do is go to local independents. I hit that up quite a bit.

    Started watching it when I was younger and haven't stopped yet. don't plan on stopping.


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      Do you have any predictions for battle ground?

      I think Ambrose keeps the title then Steph brings back Flair's world title.

      For some reason I see a heel turn coming for either Cena or Reigns, if not both. I can see Cena turning on Enzo and Cass just because they are raw now and they get the better reaction. Sets up a possible fued with Ambrose for Summer Slam then Undertaker at mania. Wwe should just probably make Reigns heel or anti-hero and forget trying to make him their #1 baby face for now.

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    I think the mystery female partner is Tamina. She will become a babyface and end up feuding with Nia jax at some point.

    as for the triple threat.....for the record I don't like triple threat matches, so, it better be good. I don't like dean or roman. I am a bit of a Seth rollins fan.

    it would be foolish for the company to take the belt off of dean. his popularity is so high.

    don't know the other matches and I'm ok with that. that way I don't have any pre conceived notions going in. I just want it to be a good overall ppv.


    • Andy
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      I wasn't a fan of Seth at first because he broke up the shield but he's got the moves, persona, and mic skills to be remembered. He has had some impressive matches too, still can't believe they let him beat Sting.

      Dean is most likely to retain because it would leave Smackdown with just the Miz holding gold.

      Tamina was undrafted so it will be interesting to see where she'll end up. I like your thinking on her opponent. The mystery tag partner could also be a Bella or Bayley.
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      When I went to smackdown I held up a sign that said I tried.. I failed.... with a Roman reigns symbol.

      Rollins looked right at me with a smug.

      They also taped main event that night. I wonder when they tape that now that smackdown went live.

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